Polls, Naturally

If you haven’t already figured it out, this page is a poll page dedicated to Ayumi Hamasaki’s song Naturally from her album I am…

I hope to make these polls as ridiculous as possible, but every now and then I will through in something a little bit more serious.  I will post the results of the current poll twice a month and then I will make a little announcement about the results… so ENJOY!

Poll 7 Results

Who do you think will win the Singles War on January 20?

Answer Votes
YUI   25-51%
Koda Kumi   17-35%
Kalafina   6-12%
Mika Nakashima   1-2%
Saori@destiny   0-0%

Poll 6 Results

What do you think of Kumi releasing her new album and BEST together?

Answer Votes
As long as the her new album, UNIVERSE, has good songs on it, I’ll be fine   16-34%
It’s retarded. People don’t like Kuu as much as they used to, and if avex thinks this is going to help, they are confused.   14-30%
It’s going to flop… hard.   15-32%
Koda Kumi is going to regain a little popularity… for now.   1-2%
Who cares about that cesspool of skankiness anymore?   1-2%

Poll 5 Results

How amazing do you think PAST<FUTURE will be?

Answer Votes
I think it’s pretty much going to the best thing ever!   28–57%
I think it will be better than PLAY.   16–33%
By the sounds of the songs leaked so far… I am a little worried.   4–8%
Who cares!? Namie IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the queen bitch!   1–2%

Poll 4 Results

What do you think of You were…/BALLAD’s covers?

Answer Votes
They are half-way decent, but anything is better than Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ at this point. 21–55%
OMG! They are so amazing! The Empress is BACK! *splurge* 14–37%
She looks like a lifeless corpse. Ayu’s back! 3–8%
She looks like a drunken hooker who died but wrapped herself up in a dead bird first. 0–0%

Poll 3 Results

What should Koda Kumi do with her career?

Answer Votes
She needs to take a little break and rediscover who she wants to be as an artist.   23–70%
Her whore-tastic songs are the only thing keeping me going! *desperation*   8–24%
That old skank needs to f***ing retire already!   1–3%
What are you talking about!? She’s in the prime of her career! Everyone would die without her! *extreme denial*   1–3%

Poll 2 Results

Out of these four, who do you consider the Empress of J-Pop?

Answer Votes
Namie Amuro   18–50%
Ayumi Hamasaki   16–44%
Utada Hikaru   2–6%
Koda Kumi   0–0%
None of these Bitches!   0–0%

Poll 1 Results

What do you think of Namie’s Vidal Sassoon campaign?

Answer Votes
Girl please! The Bitch neva left! *snap* *snap* *snap*   15–63%
Damn Girl! The Bitch is BACK!   6–25%
I like it! So Artistic…   2–8%
It looks like Ami Suzuki and TK (Tetsuya Komuro) had a baby… *shudders*   1–4%


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  1. *snap* *snap* *snap* INDEED.
    I love COPY THAT or whatever it’s called.. the space one. I wish I had hair like her lol 😀

    • OMG I know! I’m currently using that as a wallpaper!

  2. I was totally one of the 15 that voted for the winning option on the first poll.

    AND, following suit, I totally think Namie is the current queen of J-Pop, so she’s getting my vote. Ayu and Utada are way overrated, if you ask me.

  3. I’m not that much of a fan of Ayu but I do like only a handful of her songs, I just can’t think of them at this moment. I think Kuu should just take a little hiatus and try to figure out what she wants to do as an artist and I think Utada is just fine to the comment above me (yes, I’m a huge fan of her!)

  4. Oh, LOL forever at the new Ayu poll XD

  5. As much as I would like Nakashima Mika to win that poll, I really think it’s going to go to YUI.
    I’m a recent Saori@destiny fan and I love her and all, but no way would she ever get #1.

    • Lol I know. Saori was more of a joke. I was going to put Mizca too, but that would be sad. I’ll wait till you go and find out who that is. =)

      • I heard her song ROBOTICS after someone said how bad it was. I’d never heard of her before that… XD
        ~rather ignorant about obscure techno chicks~

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