Can We Go Back

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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

Ok, I have to admit that I do like these covers.  I just like how raw they are and how Kumi brings a sort of fierceness into the mix.  It just seems so animalistic.  Sure, her disgusting pink hair and dark blue nails are a bit of a throw-off, but I like the overall conception.  Her hand also looks like a catcher’s mit.  Like, it could possibly rip off her face.  Her racoon eyes are also a little scary.  I don’t know why she is nibbling her hand.  Maybe she thinks it is sexy or maybe she just turned all cannibalistic.  Despite those flaws, I still like it.  It just seems emotional in some weird, dirty way.

* * * * *

1. Can We Go Back
2. Good☆day

Kuu, do you not know how to make good songs anymore?  Well, Can We Go Back isn’t that bad a of a song, but it does sound like she is yelling throughout the entire chorus.  I think the piano breakdown in the bridge is definitely the best part.  It’s so Aishou-ish, but then she does the screeching thing, which is then followed by a lot of horrible ad-libbing in the last chorus.  Also, why did their have to be so much English in this song?  I already had a bad experience with “butterfries.” *glares at alan*  Hmm, before I found out this song was going it was a cover, I thought it was going to be some sort of ballad.  I even got a ballad feeling from the covers, but I was wrong.  Meh, it probably would have sucked anyway.  Anywho, Can We Go Back is a little sketchy, but her other four rock songs (Selfish, Ningyo Hime, HURRY UP!, and Hashire!) are a sketchy, so it’s not that big of a surprise.

Good☆day is definitely the saving-grace for this single.  I always like Kuu’s cute songs… well, besides Come Over and Girls.  This song is really bouncy and bubbly, full of yeas and the whole spiel.  Oh, and is it just me, or does she actually sound better when she sings cute songs?  This song definitely makes up for the hot mess that is Lick me♥.  BEST SONG THIS ERA…. besides ECSTASY.

* * * * *

I think that Kuu keeps improving this era with each single she releases, but that really isn’t saying much. From the look of things, I’m not really excited for UNIVERSESUPERSTAR is like a crazy hot  mess.  I don’t think I want Koda Kumi to do rock songs anytime soon.  She needs to go back and release upbeat songs like COLOR OF SOUL and m·a·z·e and amazing ballads like Pearl Moon and Believe.  That style of music mixed with skanky synth songs like TABOO and BUT would be amazing, but I’m hoping for too much and no, I’m not asking for too much.  I just want Kuu to “go back to the way we used to be.”

3 “Almost another Hot Mess” out of 5


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  1. ALMOST another hot mess? This was the best single she put out this era! Even so, I’m still regreting preordering her new albums…

    Good day is amazing though!

    • Well, I am sad to report that Can We Go Back is my most listened to A-side this era, even more than ECSTASY. (Good☆day is first!).

      Well, it’s a good thing UNIVERSE is pretty amazing! No Way, You’re Beautiful, and UNIVERSE are <3!

  2. Can she go back to the way she used to be?
    I totally agree with your review. I hope she can go back and make songs like the ones in her 2nd and 3rd album (Grow Into One and Feel My Mind) again. Hope she can make songs like Boy Friend? One Night Romance, or Without Your Love again. Song like Magic will also be appreciated.
    After reading your review today, I firmly belive that her early albums are better than her latest albums.

    • OMG! After getting tired of this single I have been listening to her older albums like crazy. grow into one was the first Kuu albums I heard and still remains my favorite. One Night Romance was the first song I heard too (It’s title just sparked my attention so I had to listen to it)! Without Your Love is also amazing, especially for originally being a b-side.

  3. I CANNOT wait for her new album, it should be amazing, I hope it’s like Kingdom was.

  4. Haha, your review makes me want to give this single a second chance. I hated Can We Go Back so much that I didn’t even want to bother listening to Good Day but now I think I’ll go and give it a try. Thanks!

    • Screw Can We Go Back. The real gold is Good☆day. BEST SONG THIS ENTIRE ERA… except for No way, maybe. Yes, I changed my mind.

  5. I wonder when you’re going to come back, are you going to review Kuu’s new album UNIVERSE?

    • Lol. Ya I know. February and March are just crazy months, especially Senior year. Every scholorship is due for some reason, but I do plan to come back, this month for sure, I just don’t know when.

      • Ok, I’ll be waiting.

  6. I wish she made a PV for Universe, No Way, Stay or even Step into My World from her new album but nothing beats Kingdom!!

    Can you vote on this for me too?

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