Poll Results -January ’10 Part 1-

January 20, 2010 at 11:09 am | Posted in ~Poll Results | 5 Comments
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Who do you think will win the Singles War on January 20?

Answer Votes
YUI   25-51%
Koda Kumi   17-35%
Kalafina   6-12%
Mika Nakashima   1-2%
Saori@destiny   0-0%

My vote went to: YUI

Well, it was pretty obvious that YUI is going to to sell the most on January 20, but after listening to her new single GLORIA, I don’t think she should.  It’s just too much of the same old stuff, especially the part right before the chrous (Tomorrow’s way anyone?).  Koda Kumi definitely should win tomorrow, but she won’t since it is limited and she is Kuu.  Good☆day is just that good.  Koda Kumi, Hitomi Shimatani, and Ai Otsuka should be the only ones allowed to do cute songs.  Everyone else just fails!  After listening to Hikari no Senritsu from Kalafina, I’m happy it didn’t get so many votes.  It’s not so great.  Neither is ALWAYS from Mika Nakashima.  She needs to knock the fuck off with the awful ballads.  I just couldn’t get into ALWAYS or Nagareboshi.  BABY BABY BABY was OK, but SPIRAL was just what I needed.  Poor Saori@destiny, though.  No votes for her. =(

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  1. lol @ Saori. She’s such a flop.

  2. !!!!!!!!!! NO LOVE FOR ALWAYS! Sure, Nagareboshi was a little… boring, but ALWAYS was at least decent.

    • Her ballads just don’t really appeal to me unless their names are Yuki no Hana or Oborodukiyo~Inori. I do like Over Load, No Answer, CANDY GIRL (why does everyone hate that song?), and SPIRAL so far this era, but hopefully it’s over soon.

  3. What the hell is your problem!? GLORIA is like the best song YUI has ever released! (not really) How can you even compare it to Tomorrow’s way? They are nothing alike!

    …and Shimatani Hitomi can’t sing a cute song to save her life…

    • OK, there are three things wrong with your comment. 1) I do not have a problem, I am only voicing my opinion. 2) You should seriously go listen to Tomorrow’s way. I was only pointing out how the way she sings RIGHT BEFORE the chorus in both songs are identical. I’ll wait. and 3) Shimatani not singing amazing cute songs? You should go listen to BRAND NEW HEART, colors, and Kiraboshi. They aren’t sickeningly cute like most Kuu cute songs, but I view them as being cute.

      Oh sorry, I should have said ALL of your comment! MY BAD! XD

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