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After listening to PAST<FUTURE 42 whole times, FAST CAR 72 times, Bad Habit 54 times, LOVE GAME 97 times, and Shut Up 76 times, I decided to listen to my other Namie Amuro albums all the way from ORIGINAL DANCE TRACKS VOLUME 1 to now.  She has definitely changed throughout the years, for the better and the worse.  When she was with TK, she would make more emotional sounding songs, like Me Love Peace!! from Concentration 20 (yes, I like that song) or ASKING WHY from GENIUS 2000.  Now she makes more dance driven songs like ALARM and No.  I even listened to the songs in order.  Throughout this journey though, one song stood out the most.

Unlike most people, I actually liked her STYLE era.  SO CRAZY and Come were <3, as were Four Seasons, Put ‘Em Up and even Fish feat. VERBAL & Arkitec.  None of those songs could compare to Did U from her Wishing on the Same Star single, though.  It has the most amazing music I have ever heard in any song that doesn’t sound oriental.  I do not know why she never had it as an A-side or at least put it on an album and I don’t think she has a lot of good b-sided besides this song and STROBE from ALARM.  She totally pulled something amazing from the woodwork with this song though.  So far I have listened to it 53 times and I still can’t get enough!  It is emotional in an emotionless way…. ya.  It’s just amazing, that’s what.

And what does Ayu have to say about all of this?


Bitch pa-leaze!  The only reason people are still buying your music is out of obligation.  They already have all your other junk and they just want to keep their collection complete, but that is starting to not even become a good enough reason.  Besides, Amuro could slam your plastic-ass face straight into the ground.  Ya, she’ll cut a bitch.

In all seriousness, Did U is a song EVERYONE should check out, even if you aren’t an Amuro fan.



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  1. ROFL! Amuro-chan could so kick Ayu’s ass, but how could you listen to an awful song like FAST CAR 72 times?

    After downloading Did U (thanks!), I must confess that it is amazing. Oh, and when is Namie-chan not emotional? Heard of HimAWArI??

    I like the new layout too! Even though I am a proclaimed Ayu-hater, the banner looks AMAZING!

    • The only reason I listened to FAST CAR so much was because it leaked super early and I whored it out. By the time the album came out I was like, “Meh =(.”

      Yay! Someone else who appreciates that song! and yes, I have heard HimAWArI. It’s pretty much the best ballad she has released in ever.

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