Poll Results -December ’09 Part 2-

January 5, 2010 at 9:43 am | Posted in ~Poll Results | Leave a comment

What do you think of Kumi releasing her new album and BEST together?

Answer Votes
As long as the her new album, UNIVERSE, has good songs on it, I’ll be fine   16-34%
It’s retarded. People don’t like Kuu as much as they used to, and if avex thinks this is going to help, they are confused.   14-30%
It’s going to flop… hard.   15-32%
Koda Kumi is going to regain a little popularity… for now.   1-2%
Who cares about that cesspool of skankiness anymore?   1-2%

My vote went to: As long as her new album, UNIVERSE, has good songs, I’ll be fine.

I honestly wish I would have put an all of the above answer after the third option since thats what my true feelings on this whole deal are.  I don’t care if it flops as long as the album has good songs.  Any of my artists can flop as long as they release good songs except Ayu.  If she gets number two with this single I will be angry.  I also think it stupid of avex to release this album with a BEST OF.  Sure, BEST OFs generally sell well, but releasing an original album with it is pointless.  That isn’t going to sell more albums.  The only people who buy the original album were most likely going to buy the BEST OF anyway.  Anyway, it just wouldn’t be natural if an artist didn’t have any fans in self-denial or people who just wish to see them gone, so I’m glad someone voted for the last two answers!

Hmmm… could this be the war of the Diva’s?


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