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No, this post has nothing to do with BoA’s horrible single which would have
been better if freakin’ VERBAL had a horrible throat disease and couldn’t sing, but oh well.  I’m actually referring to my top ten artists in my about page.  I have decided that this artist is much better than Rina Aiuchi and half of the artists in that list and that would be…

… Akina Nakamori!  I started listening to her after she released her song DIVA -Single Version- back in September.  After hearing that amazingness, I knew I had to go seaching for more of her songs.  I remember reading about her in articles about Ayumi Hamasaki and Seiko Matsuda (who was Akina’s supposed rival).  She also has been in the business for a freakin’ long time; since 1982! Oh. and if you think Ayu and Kuu are release happy, Akina has released 23 original albums overall.  In the 80s, she would release 2 albums a year which is ridiculous.  Out of those 23 albums, the only album i have not heard are SHAKER, Resonancia, and I hope so.  She has a lot of amazing songs, but there are four that stood out:

1. I Missed “The Shock” – How can I explain such an amazing song?  Even though it was released back in 1988, it sounds like it could have been released in this era of music.  This song is just so fun and catchy, and even though Akina was just trying to recreate the success of DESIRE ~Jounestu~, this song came out sounding much better.


2. FOGGY RELATION – Yet another amazing song from this deep voiced songstress is FOGGY RELATION which is found on her album STOCK, released in 1988.  This song still sounds amazing after all these years.  The chorus is especially amazing, like when she says, “Love is fiction” in the first two choruses and then, “Love is reality” in the last chorus.  Yep, amazing song.


3. BLOWING FROM THE SUN – One of the very few ballads that I like from Akina, BLOWING FROM THE SUN is a very solemn and simplistic track.  It was released on one of her newer album, SPOON, back in 1998.  Her deep voice really works in this song and it just sounds epic.


4. Ophelia – Released on the album after SPOON, will, in 1999, Ophelia epitomizes the essence of catchiness and emotion, both of which are entwined into one.  It’s just crazy amazing.  Even though I have no clue what she is saying, and when I put the Romaji lyrics into a translator I became even more confused, I don’t know if it has anything to do with Ophelia in Hamlet, but who knows.


These songs, in my opinion, are some of Akina’s career defining songs.  Even though she has a lot more songs, and songs that sound radically different from these ones, I think these songs are better.  I think these songs are even better than the majority of music released today.  She’s just that good.

Here are some more of Akina Nakamori’s songs that I particularly like.

  1. HEARTBREAK (from DIVA album, not Femme Fatale)

* * * * *

In other news, I have to proclaim that Amy Tan is amazing!  I love all of her books.  The only one I haven’t read is The Bonesetter’s Daughter.

Also, I plan on changing my blog theme if I can find a theme where you can upload banners to a site like PhotoBucket and just not upload them from your computer directly to your blog since that just worsens the picture quality.

I hope everyone had a good Holiday!


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  1. Yay, Jpop oldies. I’ll try her out!

    AND OMG OMG YUI BANNER~ it’s so pretty~
    So excited for the single, and I love the PV – she actually smiled for once!

    • Thanks! Ya, I was actually starting to think she was an emo.

      Ya, she earliest debuting artist I listen to. Next would be hitomi and Nanase Aikawa and Namie Amuro of course.

      • Oh yeah! I really like hitomi, a lot. Love Life 2 was just okay for me though.

  2. Me too. I think the only song I really liked was Fight For Your Run☆. So what do you think of Akina? I think she is a selective artist though. Som people like her and some don’t. These days it’s mostly don’t…

  3. WOW! This old chick is amazing! After listening to these songs, I decided to go searching for her stuff, and I have to say that Femme Fatale is by far her best album. How could you not include Femme Fatale (the song) as one of your favorite songs? Heartbreak and Dakishimete are also good songs. I wish she would release more often though. Sure she released DIVA in June, but she’s going to die for a few years before she releases again.


    • Ya, I actually do think Femme Fatale is her best album as a whole, but those songs didn’t stand out as much as these songs, well, for me at least. If she releases more things like DIVA, I’ll be fine with that. THINKING OF YOU, WITH, and GIVE TAKE(despite the awful English) are all amazing songs.

  4. Wow! Her voice is really deep and pretty!
    I reaaaallly like Blowing From The Sun & I Missed The Shock. Those songs are really amazing. Ophelia is great too, but Foggy Relation was just okay for me.

    • YAY! I’m happy you like those songs! If techno is more your thing, you should listen to HEARTBREAK or DIVA. I think Rakka Ryusui is pretty too in a Middle Eastern way. I don’t know if you’ll like Aibu though. It’s like a song Kuu would release back in the 90s if she was around. Well, maybe not.

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