Poll Results -November ’09 Part 2-

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What do you think of You were…/BALLAD’s covers?

Answer Votes
They are half-way decent, but anything is better than Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ at this point. 21–55%
OMG! They are so amazing! The Empress is BACK! *splurge* 14–37%
She looks like a lifeless corpse. Ayu’s back! 3–8%
She looks like a drunken hooker who died but wrapped herself up in a dead bird first. 0–0%

My vote went to: They are half-way decent, but anything is better than Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ at this point.

This poll definitely shows that Sunrise/Sunset’s covers sucked.  I’m happy no one voted for the drunken, dead bird Ayu answer (even though I would completely understand if they did).  I also have to agree that Ayu does look like a lifeless corpse, and she has done that before like on a few the GREEN/Days covers as the most recent example.  Another weird thing is that I can also agree with the people who really loved the covers.  The CD+DVD version A cover looks really nice and beats out all of her covers since Together when… if that cover counts. 

Now I’m going to talk about the songs.  I (like pretty much every Ayu fan) LOVE them.  You were… is NOT a rip off of Days.  It is 100X better than Days.  Sure the PV is a little “out there” (in a bad way),  but we got good covers so we know Ayu is already trying her lazy-diva-bitch-back-the-fuck-off best.  As for BALLAD, all I have to say is AMAZING!  Sure, it might be the unused version of alan’s BALLAD since it is all oriental and Ayu does do the cry/yelling vibrato thing a lot which is where alan’s wailing would have been I presume.  Pretty much anything oriental is a plus for me.

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  1. Ayu has been lazy, but she is still the queen. WORSHIP HER!

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