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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

Oh BENI, thank you for not wearing one of those mini top hats that Namie Amuro has been obsessed with as of late.  I’m pretty sure this cover is even more fake than Namie’s BEST FICTION shoot though.  Sure, BENI is real and her dumb little hat is real, but do you really think she would sit on her own name?  After all, it is worth a lot more now that she actually sold an album to more than 3 people.  It doesn’t even look like she is sitting on her “name” unless she has a ginormous bubble butt.  I don’t know what the photographer and director were thinking when that were creating this cover since it has nothing to do with success and failure or bitter and sweet.  It’s somewhat nice and simplistic though.  So yay, right?

* * * * *

  1. Bitter & Sweet Intro
  2. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  3. Zutto Futari de
  4. Koi Kogarete
  5. Dakishimete feat. Dohzi-T
  6. Anything Goes!!
  7. stardust
  9. GO ON
  10. Shinjisasete
  11. STAY
  12. nice & slow
  13. Beautiful World
  14. Mou Nido to…
  15. Kiss Kiss Kiss (DJ HASEBE REMIX)

The album starts off with Bitter & Sweet Into and the sound of thunder.  BENI just repeats, “It’s my time to shine, it took me some time (Bitter) Bitter and Sweet.”  Pretty simple, but it actually is really lovely.  I wish she would have released a full version this as the recut single instead of KIRA☆KIRA☆.  That would have been amazing.  On a side note, the thunder reminds me of the Thunder Plains in Final Fantasy X (<3<3<3) and Final Fantasy X-2 which is a good thing for me at least.

Kiss Kiss Kiss then pops in.  I’m just starting to notice how unoriginal this song is.  BENI’s vocals also aren’t the strongest in the world, but they will suffice.  Why does she have to repeat the chorus so much?  It’s catchy and one of the better upbeat songs on the album though.

OMG… The beginning sounds so nice and the instrumentation throughout Zutto Futari de is nice.  The clapping not so much though.  For some reason, this song makes me question if BENI even really knows Japanese.  At some points she sounds a little miffed, at least in my opinion.  Yet again the chorus is so much longer than it needs to be and is repeated incessantly.  This song is still nice for a few listen though.

I just hate the way Koi Kogarete starts with her only saying part of the chorus.  I’m happy things picked up a little more from the last song, too.  Oh, this songs also has the “flatulent” synths in it.  Sorry, I couldn’t think of a more proper word to use.  Now then… the true chorus is actually really pleasant to listen to.  So far this is my favorite song on the album and I don’t mind that she sings the chorus a whole bunch… again.

I needed something funky and that is just what Dakishimete feat. Dohzi-T does.  The music does remind me of Miliyah Kato’s Anata ga Hoshii, but I liked that song.  I wish the guy wasn’t here though.  He sounds like he can barely talk.  Maybe BENI got pissed off at him before they recorded this song and decked him in the mouth, but you can only wish.  Like all the songs so before, this song has its chorus repeated a lot, but like Koi Kogarete, I don’t mind it.

Woah, I seriously was not expecting a fast song from BENI, especially one as meh inducing as Anything Goes!!  Why the hell does she say, “Don’t hesitate, a summer day” in the song?  Her voice gets a little drowned out by the music during the chorus.  Hmm, the more I listen to this song, the more I like it, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because I wanted to listen to some fast music.  Maybe it’s not that meh-tastic as I once thought?

FINALLY!  stardust has to be my favorite song on the album.  Everything about it is pretty much amazing.  BENI’s vocals sound great, the music is catchy and pleasant, and having a good arrangement and hook doesn’t hurt either.  Ever since the album was released (which seems and WAS ages ago) this is one of the only songs on the album that I regularly listen to.  Oh yes BENI, I see the stardust!

This song is yet another song that I listen to on a regular basis.  KIRA☆KIRA☆ has a predominant island flair and I welcome it.  It’s by far better than any of the island sounding songs that Yuna Ito releases.  I don’t know why I love a song that everyone seems to hate, but whatever.  BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM! (sorry stardust :(….)

Oh… now the good song flow ends with the horridly produced song GO ON.  This song seriously has nothing positive going for it, even for an upbeat song and BENI’s soft, angelic vocals, well, maybe besides the very end of the chorus.  Fine BENI, I will go on.  TO THE NEXT SONG!

Oh my fucking god… what the hell should I call Shinjisasete.  How ’bout worse the a Koda Kumi ballad?  What if I called it worse than all the songs on alan’s my life bunched up into an awful Euro-beat mega-mix?  Yes, they would do the to Kuon no Kawa.  BENI really fails in this song.  She fails at most ballads though.

YAY!  The album finally picks up with the spacy and ethereal nice & slow.  This is yet another song that I like on BITTER&SWEET.  It just seems like that amount keeps getting lower and lower these days.  BENI definitely can sex things up, but it a non slutty whore way like Kuu and an even classier skank way than Namie Amuro.  Oh sadness, it’s over.

I seriously hate the male background vocals in STAY.  It should be named STAY, BUT SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I’LL CUT YOU.  I think the synths are really catchy though.  It also sounds somewhat oriental, especially if you listen to the bridge.  However, this has to be the song where BENI repeats the chorus the most.  It doesn’t help that the chorus is outrageously long.  This is like a 50/50 song for me.

Beautiful World is definitely the song that got the most attention on the album.  It definitely sounds like a spiritual African song ala Lion King.  The guy in this song isn’t that annoying either.  My biggest and only complaint on this song would have to be BENI’s weak vocals.  She needs to have Kuu’s belting prowess, but definitely not her vocals.  I like how the chorus is set up being part Japanese and part English.  BENI totally could have repeated the chorus as much as she did in STAY and I wouldn’t have been angry.

Now we have to listen to another shoddy BENI ballad.  Stay away from ballads BENI, at least ballads like this.  Mou nido to… has to be one of the weakest songs on the album.  Why does this song make me want to punt a kitten and I’m trying to be as nice a possible, honest.  LOL, I just turned around and my cat, Angel, was sleeping on her face again… I’ll be right back…

Including Kiss Kiss Kiss (DJ HASEBE REMIX) on this album was totally pointless.  I might have actually put it on my iPod if it didn’t the stupid man counting in Spanish in the beginning.  It also sounds too much like the original.  Most remixes are bad though, except for some the Ayumi’s remixes on her SUPER EUROBEAT albums.  Those are sweet.

The Songs That Didn’t Make it

  1. Signal
  3. Forever 21
  4. With U
  5. The Boy Is Mine feat. Tynisha Keli

Signal or songs that sound like it so should have been on the album.  It has more attitude than any song on BITTER&SWEET and is also more upbeat than them too.  UNIVERSAL needs to take a few lessons on what songs on whats songs are good and what songs aren’t.  I would gladly taken at least three songs off BITTER&SWEET for one song like this.

Yet another well produced song is CRUISE the WORLD.  I could totally see BENI doing more songs like this in the future.  I love the crazy mechanic (and I do mean mechanic) sound of the synths.  Like Signal, this song is so much better than a lot of the songs on the album.

And now it is icky nasty time.  FOREVER 21 has to be the worst upbeat song that BENI has released since switching to UNIVERSAL.  This unoriginal, bland song makes me to shove a thin, but very sharp dagger in my ear.  God, why am I have all this disturbing thoughts?  Oh ya, because when BENI sucks, she really sucks and I will stop at no end to end the sucking!

This song was used to promote beer? Really?  I could see With U promoting a little girl’s tea party with the fake animals, but not beer.  Hmm, maybe BENI is trying to brainwash little girls into drinking beer.  Who knows.  All I know is that I want to skip this song.  It’s way to draggy for my tastes.

Ok, The Boy Is Mine feat. Tynisha Kelly actually sounds cool.  The parts that need to be shot in the face though would be the speaking part in the beginning and Kelly’s wretched baby gangsta voice.  It’s even worse that she overpowers BENI’s voice for the majority in the chorus.  Seriously, she needs to have her vocal cords taken out.  One thing I hate about her is that her face totally does not fit her voice.  This song is really catchy.  I’m also glad that it sounds completely different then anything on BITTER&SWEET.  Another part that should be the part when they start going all Mariah and start ad-libbing the song to death.  SHUT THE FUCK UP DIRTY HOOK FACES!

 * * * * *

BITTER&SWEET is by no means album of the year (that spot is reserved for NEXT LEVEL (RUN! ANGRY MOB WITH TORCHES!)), but it’s also not the worst album of the year (stares at NEXT LEVEL (RUN! ANGRY MOB WITH TORCHES!)).  This album and era was truly a mixed bag of amazing-ness and horrendous-ness.  I’m glad though that I didn’t start listen to BENI until this album.  I would have been so over her by now.  I think she needs to develope some power in her vocals and get some bitch-face attitude.  Hmm, where is Kuu when you need her?  Giving some guy a BJ of course!

3 fat ass mini hats out of 5

  3. Signal
  4. stardust
  5. Beautiful World
  6. nice & slow


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  1. How can you even fathom saying that NEXT LEVEL is the worst album of the year? I can understand why an angry mob would torch your ass. NEXT LEVEL is album of the year!

    Also, Koda Kumi is a dirty skank that should be taken to the back room and shot.

    That is all.

    • Oh my god, I was just joking… in some sort of way. There is a part of me that really loves NEXT LEVEL, but I still don’t relate to part of her discography. Plus it has Curtain call… ick.

      She IS dirty! Just look at the covers of Can We Go Back.

  2. I liked this album a little at first but then I realized that most of the new tracks are just fillers to take up space (Shinjisasete, Anything Goes!!). I still can’t understand why STAY was put on the album – it’s by far the worst b-side of the era.
    I guess this album is like 75% chocolate – most bitter, and with a tiny bit of sweet.

  3. I really liked this album, I hope BENI comes out with something new since I do love her voice. I have absolutely no problem with Koda Kumi’s sexiness since she at least knows how to do it right and not fail like BoA kinda does even though I like her, too. As for Ayumi, I only liked a couple ballads from her like Dearest and No more words from that anime show Inuyasha and I didn’t like her debut album A Song for XX at all because of her squeaky vocals. Namie’s PLAY album was much better than PAST < PRESENT in my opinion though.

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