Poll Results -November ’09 Part 1-

November 21, 2009 at 9:22 am | Posted in ~Poll Results | 9 Comments

What should Koda Kumi do with her career?

Answer Votes
She needs to take a little break and rediscover who she wants to be as an artist.   23–70%
Her whore-tastic songs are the only thing keeping me going! *desperation*   8–24%
That old skank needs to f***ing retire already!   1–3%
What are you talking about!? She’s in the prime of her career! Everyone would die without her! *extreme denial*   1–3%

My vote went to: She needs to take a little break and rediscover who she wants to be as an artist.

This poll actually really surprised me.  I knew that the majority of people would want her to take a break and everything, but I had no idea there were people who actually thought Koda was in the prime of career as of now.  I can see why some people want her to retire though, but avex wouldn’t let that happen.  Also, even if she did go on a break, she still would put out the same garbage she’s putting out now.  Face it, she is never going to make any more songs like Cutie Honey, Get it On, or Love Goes Like….  This new single does not sound promising at all.  In fact, the only song that I actually liked out this entire era so far was ECSTASY, and that wasn’t even that great.

* * * * *

In some other news, I would like everyone to help me what my graduation song should be!  Lyrics don’t matter as much as the melody since the people who are going to be listening to it won’t even understand it.  Since I go to a small school and have a small class (made of 12 people as of now (which is sad since we used to have 22)), we get to pick our own individual song or songs for are section of the presentation we are creating.  It’s going to be intense, but I know I want to do a Japanese song.  So if you guys could leave any input on what that song should be, just leave a comment!  Thanks!


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  1. Wow, graduation~
    (I’m jealous, the world is supposedly going to end six months before I graduate DX)
    For a touching song, how about ayaka’s Yume wo Mikata ni? I think the emotional delivery is great ❤
    If I think of something else, I'll leave another comment~

    • I actually don’t listen to ayaka (yes, I am like the only one =\…), but I’ll give that song a listen. Who knows, I might like her even though I didn’t like CLAP & LOVE at all.

  2. Ah, the reason why I never really liked the idea of a USB.

    They’re so tiny, and if you lose it or it somehow gets corrupted, you’re pretty much screwed.
    Yes, I use one for my school work.
    But I think I’ll stick to using CDs for music.


  3. Oh crap.
    Commented in the wrong place.

    Erm, this was supposed to go to the one about Ayu and Avex.

    That's, like, better than anything I've ever done~ *jealous*
    I love the tagline XD

    • WOW thanks! I actually think the banners you made for me a 10X better.

      I thought I’d attempt to be funny…

  5. I just totally loled at your banner.

    • =)

  6. Graduation…I’ll graduate in 15 years from now lol!

    Graduation songs…

    卒業旅行 ~モーニング娘。旅立つ人に贈る唄~ by Morning Musume
    卒業写真 by Ayumi Hamasaki
    you by Koda Kumi
    walk by Koda Kumi
    Baby Don’t Cry by Namie Amuro
    I WILL by Namie Amuro

    All ballads, 2 with the word Graduation in it LOL

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