Ayu and avex are such *insert bad word here*

November 16, 2009 at 8:03 am | Posted in ~Writings/Rants | 2 Comments

I am extremely made at both Ayu and avex (mostly avex) for very understandable reasons.  To understand why, you have to know the entire story, so here we go…

* * * * *

It all started when information about Rule/Sparkle was being released.  I found out it was being released on my birthday so I HAD to get it [avex and their sneaky marketing plans ;)].  I ended up getting just the CD version which I purchased from YesAsia (which I’ll talk about later).  The reason why I bought that version was because in the beginning of February, information about NEXT LEVEL was released.  I knew I had to get the USB, and since it came with the PVs, I wouldn’t worry about getting a CD+DVD version of Rule/Sparkle.  When it first came out to pre-order at YesAsia, I asked my parents if I could use their credit card, and they wouldn’t… so I ended up sneaking around and used my brother’s (oh, he was ok with it), but the time I got back to it a few days later it was sold out.  I was so PISSED!!!  I thought the USB looked amazing!  Luckily for me, avex made a second edition version of it which I immediately ordered on the 26th of February.

After waiting for a month, I was expecting my order to ship pretty soon… but it didn’t.  I ended up getting it on the 17th of April, almost a month later after it was released.  I was pretty angry since I paid for the fastest shipping (and I also got an Asia 2008 Tour key chain!)  They said they were searching for suppliers or something of that nature.  When it did finally arrive, I tore open the package and put the USB in my computer.  I listened to the album over and over, watched the PVs endlessly and studied the album art to a tee… so I exaggerate, but I was really excited.  I was also happy that there was almost 1.5 GB of free memory on it.  For the rest of the school year, I used that flash-drive to fulfill my download needs (especially since I have dial-up, which is why I used the school’s computers (FYI: AOL SUCKS!)).  This year… something tragic happened.

Around a month ago, the USB somehow became corrupt.  I don’t know how it happened.  In the morning around 7:45, I was adding a rar. file to my USB for safe keeping.  Later that day around lunch, I put in the flashdrive expecting it to work, but it didn’t.  For those of you who have one, you know that when you put it in, if you go to My Computer, there are two disks added, REMOVABLE and NEXT LEVEL, both of which are part of the flash drive.  Also, after you put it in, a quick action icon for NEXT LEVEL pops up and the folder for REMOVABLE opens.  Well, this time they didn’t.  After that revelation, I went to My Computer and found the most disturbing thing I have ever seen: the NEXT LEVEL and REMOVABLE disk drives were replaced with Removable disk, both of them!  I immediately tried to solve the problem by unplugging my flashdrive then putting pack in.  That obviously didn’t work, so then I tried opening them, but it said that neither of them were formated.  I then tried formating them, but that didn’t work either.  When I tried formating the drive that would be NEXT LEVEL, it said the disk rights was protected, which is understandable since the album was put on an undeletable part of the USB.  I also looked at the amount of memory that was on the what-would-be-NEXT LEVEL-drive only to discover that there was around 500 MB of free memory on when there should only be like 4.6 MB (since the album/PVs/album art took up the rest).  I knew for sure then that the entire thing was lost.  As for the other drive, the computer did attempt to format it, but it ended up saying that the disk was unable to be formatted.  One of my friends tried to figure it out to no avail.  He actually proposed that I drill out the inside of the USB and replace it with another one so I would still have to case.  I was like, “Hell no bitch!”  I knew something had to be done though…

I know this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I ended up buying another NEXT LEVEL USB, for twenty dollars more though (that was for shipping and packaging).  I had to end up buying from CDJapan since YesAsia was sold out.  I actually just got the album Thursday after a week of processing and a week of shipping.  The shipping was probably that much since it came from Japan while the first USB came from YesAsia North America.  Oh well, I’m glad I bought it.  It is just really important to me which is why I am never opening this new one. 

So the reason why I’m mad is because I don’t feel avex released a quality product.  It’s not really Ayu’s fault, but it is her album.  Whatever, I’m just happy I found another $70 flashdrive instead of having to buy a $150 flashdrive on eBay. 

Now I feel like ranting about my experience with both companies, but I’ll (attempt) to keep it short.

* * * * *

Overall, my experience with YesAsia was a much more positive experience than that with CDJapan.  The pros would be a) their site is more user-friendly as in it was more aesthetically pleasing than CDJapan’s site and b) they package things to make sure they don’t get destroyed.  Seriously, they have layers upon layers of bubble wrap around the package.  They also ship it in a heavy duty postal box, even if your order isn’t that big, as was the case when I ordered Rule/Sparkle.  The thing that I really didn’t like about them is that it took forever to finally ship that NEXT LEVEL flashdrive.  I can understand why it could take so long since my order was for the 2nd printing edition and they probably had to get supplies from Japan, but seriously? Almost a month later?  I had a good experience when they shipped Rule/Sparkle though since I received it three days after it’s release. 

As for CDJapan, my main arguments for would be a) unreasonable shipping prices and b) poor packaging.  I had to pay a little more than $20 for them to ship the flashdrive to my house and I didn’t even get the best type of shipping (it was registered shipping, the second best).  I was not going to wait four-eight weeks for five dollar shipping.  That is ridiculous.  The shipping I purchased still took 4-12 days, but I got it in six.  As for packaging, I’m surprised the case wasn’t shattered into pieces.  They have it wrapped in a piece of cardboard which isn’t even in box form and the actual CD case is in a little compartment in the folded cardboard.  The case is then wrapped in ONE layer of bubble wrap.  It was a little ridiculous.  From now on, I’m ordering from YesAsia (which I would have this time if the USB wasn’t sold out).  I’m even happier I’m ordering from them now that their sales count towards Oricon.

* * * * *

I have come to the conclusion that writing “little” rants like this is much more fun than reviewing albums and singles (as you can tell due to my lack of updates).  I’m still going to review things though, so don’t worry.


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  1. Oh, wow. Looks like you had an adventure with that purchase. The USB drive was sooo pretty. But the fact that it mysteriously stopped working… who would have expected avex to have such crappy products?

    I rarely buy from online vendors since I have a Japanese bookstore quite close to my school – I only use YesAsia for Korean releases. That said, though, I rarely get first-press bonuses 😦

    • Now I have two of them now, except one is broken for no apparent reason and I’m not going to open the other one. I think it was worth it though.

      You are lucky. I’m pretty sure there is no foreign music stores in a 500 mile radius. *jealous* I don’t usually get first-press, but I just couldn’t pass it up.

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