Poll Results -October ’09 Part 2-

November 2, 2009 at 4:15 am | Posted in ~Poll Results | 6 Comments

Out of these four, who do you consider the Empress of J-Pop?

Answer Votes
Namie Amuro   18–50%
Ayumi Hamasaki   16–44%
Utada Hikaru   2–6%
Koda Kumi   0–0%
None of these Bitches!   0–0%

My vote went to: Ayumi Hamasaki

I admit, I am a complete Ayu stan and I’m really mad that she lost!  She and Namie both deserve it though.  I’m actually surprised that Namie got as many votes as she did…  I guess everyone is really excited for her new album.  I’m also surprised that Utada Hikaru only got two votes.  I thought more people would vote for her than Namie.  I’m happy that skank Kumi didn’t get any votes though.  Kumi is like the trashy skank and Namie is more of the classy skank.  Oh, this is my time-line of who was the Empress of J-Pop if anyone is interested.

Seiko Matsuda: 1980-1996~~~~~hitomi: 1996-1997~~~~~Namie Amuro: 1997-1999~~~~~Ayumi Hamasaki: 1999-2008 

I believe that as of now, the title is a toss-up between Ayumi and Namie ever since the realease of BEST FICTION.  It all really depends on how successful her new album is, but I believe it’s going to sell more than PLAY.  To me, however, Ayumi Hamasaki will always be the Empress!

Don’t forget to check out the new poll!


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  1. thanks for the birthday blessings~ haha ur right, its so overrated, i should have thought about how hard it was for my mom to have me = = gosh..

    and what?! Hikki only 2%?…

    this is not happening!..

    oh i’ve been hearing Hikki’s songs played in my town recently, it is a really..well not big as LA town..i was surprised to see her CD in the library and hear he “Me Muero” played in Bath/Body works..

    • They were playing THAT song!? They should be playing This One or Apple & Cinnamon.

      Well, only two people voted for her but she got 6%… like if that makes a difference.

      No probs! Birthdays can be fun if you know the right people!

  2. I voted for Ayu – I love her CREA songs and some of her performances are really beautiful and emotional…
    Kuu has kind of lost her flair for me – her singles usually suck, the albums are okay.
    I love Hikki but she’s not the kind of singer I’d imagine as the queen of Jpop.
    I’m a recent Namie fan – I only started liking her after the release of 60s70s80s; I wasn’t into Jpop yet when PLAY was released XD

    • Totally agree! Her CREA songs from her I am… and RAINBOW eras were pretty amazing. I think one of the most amazing performance I watched of Ayu though was last years a-nation when she was singing A Song For XX. Her JEWEL lives sucked though and I think that is her best ballad.

      Kuu is sucking major *insert word here* as of late. I’m sooooooooo over her!

      Hikki is so over-rated. She has a lot of good songs, but she is not Empress material.

      A lot of Namie’s older stuff isn’t really that eye catching. I think her STYLE and QUEEN OF HIP-POP albums along with PLAY are her best, but she has some older gems like I Will, NEVER END, PLEASE SMILE AGAIN, HimAWAri, PRIVATE <3, Kiss and Ride, and Toi et Moi. Those have to be my favorite from her pre-STYLE.

      I actually started listening started to JPop in 2002 (I believe) because I remember jamming out to Duty (the song) when I was having my surgeries.

  3. I think the obvious reason why Utada didn’t get many votes was because people have, for the moment, lost interest in her. She had some momentum but because she takes ages to release anything (and this time it’s a few of those ‘ages’), people tend to forget her until the next release. I haven’t listened to Utada in about four months. :/
    The same goes for Namie and Ayumi: Ayumi’s last single, Sunrise/Sunset, disappointed most in every possible level (we can agree that those covers were beyond disgusting, and the PVs were pretty boring and uninspired). Namie’s been releasing some VERY solid material recently, and it has drawn love from almost everyone (OMG FAST CAR + PV); also, Namie is considered the queen by most because she used to be the Queen of J-Pop before “A song for xx” came out and the Ayu reign began, and even then most consider Namie’s material to be of more integrity (not lyrically, of course, but musically I think Ayu rarely trumps Namie). Ayu’s two latest albums have also cut a divide between the slightly less stan-ish fans, which may make some of them waver towards Namie, whose recent material has been pure gold. Either way, Namie is the one whose sales are rising, ergo… everything I just said. XD

    • I LOVE FAST CAR! I completely agree with your statement, however I don’t think Namie released very solid material for her first four albums: SWEET 19 BLUES, Concentration 20, GENIUS 2000 (eww), and break the rules. Ayu was also had very awkward releases too, but I enjoyed her songs a lot more than Namie’s. That is probably just me being an Ayu fanatic, but whatever. Ayu’s last two albums have been a big change, even though GUILTY is probably my favorite album from her.
      I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has forgotten who Utada is. What the hell is she doing now anyway? I think she might release a BEST album. Yes, people do forget her until she releases something. The first single usually sells a lot and then sales just plummit with each consecutive single. Same as Ayu in her GUILTY and NEXT LEVEL eras where she only releases two singles. I wonder how her next single is going to do…

      (I think your rant still beats mine)

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