Alive/Physical thing

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Alive/Physical thing

Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

These covers seriously have to be the best covers I have seen all year.  After the atrocious covers that was 3 SPLASH, I thought Kuu would be turning into another Ayu-junkie, but luckily that is not the case.  Kuu just looks so serene and at peace and her hair does look like it was cut by some butch lesbian!  When I first saw the background for some reason I thought of Mars.  Everything just looks so desolate and Kumi is the beautiful flower growing from nothing.  The covers = EPIC WIN!

* * * * *

  1. Alive
  2. Physical thing
  3. TRICK (from TRICK Tour 2009)
  4. Joyful Smile (from TRICK Tour 2009)

Alive is something completely new to Kuu.  her ballads are either really sappy or ULTRA FAIL grand ballads, but this song takes a more soothing, low-key route.  The music is really pretty and very celtic (which actually thew me off guard).  I don’t like how the verses and chorus just flow together though and Kuu’s voice at times is a little too overpowering for this type of accompiniment, but for the most part it’s very collected.  It might be a little too unique for some people (and I still don’t think it’s her best ballad), but it’s a rather nice listen.

As always, Kuu has to sex things up, and thus, Physical thing was born.  Well, it actually was thiefed from Nosheen, some has-been.  This is pretty much *skanky whore* at it’s best.  Actually, I really don’t find this song appealing at all.  Kuu is trying to hard.  One part I really hate about this song is when Kuu says, “Get for real! SIMPLE!.”  So pointless… I do like the second part of the chorus where Kuu shows some sort of emotion in her voice.  The whole “Physical thing” concept is just so stupid.  She needs to have a club hit that actually deals with something important.  =P

 And now we come to the much anticipated TRICK, but it’s just a live version from her latest tour.  I was still exctied, but when I actually heard the song, all my hopes were dashed.  All it is the the crowed cheering incessantly and Kuu rambling about song things (and I think her voice is SOOOOOOO annoying).  Then it just plays the same beat over and over and over again.  After all that nonsense,  a dumb verse is thrown in and it’s pretty much pathetic.  When the last chorus comes in. Kuu starts trying to sing with the chorus and she just sounds like an idiot.  If you are going to actually sing, sing the whole thing.  If a studio version is going to be added on to her next album, many changes need to be made.

GOD! Why did they have to add this song of all songs they could have added!?!?  I never liked Joyful that much, and in the live version Kuu just sounds congested half the time.  Then after the chorus she speaks what she just sang.  Ya, I think they heard you.  She also does the most annoying attempting-to-be-cute-but-fails-horribly noise at the beginning of the bridge.  The kissing thing she does at the end is stupid too, but I’m glad she shows some humility and says thank you to the crowd, but I’m pretty sure she was forced to do it.  She definitly should have put show girl  on thise single since that was the song that represented TRICK, but oh well.

* * * * *

Alive/Physical thing… what can I say about you?  Well, I think this was the best single she has released since TRICK, but I really hope it’s the last single she releases before her next album.  She just gives as the same thing every year.  I’m glad she decided to do Alive though.  She needs to do something like that every year and hopefully those unique songs will replace her dumb winter ballads.  I’m surprised Kuu can actually sing live unlike Ayu.  By that I mean she is able to sing like she sounds in the studio.  I think she can perform better though.  She should go on hiatus with Ayu so they can do some soul searching and actually find some inspiration for new material and not just throw every piecer they get the public’s way.  Sure, they might lose their popularity along the way, but I’ll still listen.  Would you?

3 Moon Goddesses out of 5


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  1. This was the best single out of the the ones after TRICK, but I hope there’s something else before her next album. I wouldn’t even bother listening to the album if this was all Kuu had. Same goes for alan – I’m disappointed that she’s releasing another album so early T.T

    • I know! WTH is wrong with alan? Especially with that stupid song Swear? It is so not her style, but I’m glad she is able to sing that face. Totally suprised me. I hope my life is good though.

      Kuu and Ayu have been so pathetic this year. It’s sad.

  2. Kuu actually says “Keep it real simple” in Physical thing >.>

    • I’m actually suprised anyone was able to decipher that garbled mess. She seriously needs to stick with a language she knows…

  3. it’s pretty good but my all time fave koda kumi song is Cutie Honey from several years back

    • Cutie Honey is amazing! Too bad she doesn’t do songs like that anymore…

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