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This really isn’t an OBSESSION, just a little thing on some amazing songs that some of you might not have heard before that I really like.  These are five songs that give me chills when I hear them or make me really excited and sometimes both and hopefully when you hear them the same will happen to you!
























(it’s C-pop)

*wait till the end og the article to DL all songs in one file*

1.  Flower Butterfly -Hua Hu Die- by Jolin Tsai

I first hear about Jolin Tsai when NEXT LEVEL was released since they were comparing her and Ayu together and saying how Tsai’s album was doing so much better than Ayu’s (in Taiwan).  I do think her new album, Flower Butterfly, is actually worse than NEXT LEVEL due to all the crap-tastic ballads found on it (which she is supposedly famous for).  This song,however, is better than every song NEXT LEVEL (well, it may be tied with Sparkle).  It’s just like hardcore electro pop at it’s finest.  It was a little hard getting used to hearing Chinese (it seems a lot more graceful than Japanese and everything blends together somewhat), but after ten listens I finally got used to it.  Jolin’s voice can be a little irky at times when she hits the higher notes, but it’s still not that bad.  I love it when the distorted voice comes in since it seems a little sorrowful or whatever.  She is the only Chinese artist I have listened to (besides alan’s Chinese songs) and I plan on keeping it that way.

~Flower Butterfly~


2. Moments by Ayumi Hamasaki

It just would be a post if I didn’t bring up Ayu! and no, this is not the Moments everyone loves and treasures, but a more epic version located on MY STORY Classical.  This song is just really amazing!  I just love how it builds up and then explodes into the chorus.  Ayu also sounds purer and more emotional in this version (even though I think she didn’t re-sing it).  I wish she would do music like this instead of dumb electro pop…


3.  get it on now feat. KEIKO by globe

Ya, I know ewww, Tetsuya Kumoro, the rapist of music industry’s lackey/ a bankrupt pedophile.  I feel ashamed for listening to this group and I feel sorry for Namie Amuro who became famous thanks to this jerk!  Anyway, the reason I even listened to these people is because I was listening to a Dream album and they covered their Can’t stop falling in love (plus Ayu’s M and BoA’s Every Heart) and I really liked it.  That, and after hearing  A song is born (the one that Ayu and KEIKO collaborated on), I thought her voice wasn’t that bad…  Anyway, this song starts off really weird with a guy whispering and a freaky ass voice saying roooow (like wow with an r).  Then the songs gets pumped with attitude when the chorus starts and I LOVE IT!  This song is a weird one though.  It like a fusion of piano and trance.  I still think it’s amazing.

~get it on now feat. KEIKO~

4. Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo by Superfly

After seeing how they (well, she) dominated the Oricon Charts, I thought I would give them a listen and I liked what I heard.  This music is way different then what I normally listen to (which is mostly pop-rock).  The reason Ichose this song is not because of it’s originality (since it really has none), but because I just find it really catchy, which is weird since it’s a little slow.  I like how Oichi has so much power behind at her voice, but can also sound soft at pleasant.  This is definitely my favorite song from them.  I also love how hippie-ish their style is.  This stoner chick at my school would appreciate Ochi!  She is more of an emo though if anything… but she like a peace/vegetarian/pot head kind of emo. 

~Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo~




5. Chibikko Fooku by Maaya Sakamoto

This is my favorite song from Maaya and is also from my favorite album from her, SHOUNEN Alice.  It’s acoustic like most of Maaya’s songs, but this song has something really special about it.  It’s just so heartbreaking and emotional I can’t help but love it.  My favorite part would be when she says, “aaah a-aah a-aah a-aah.”  It just sounds like she is on the verge of tears.  It almost makes my want to cry, which is really weird considering that it is a song in a language I don’t know, but whatever.  Maaya really suprised me too.  She really doesn’t look like the type of person that would have somewhat of an anisong voice, but it’s not that unbearable as Aya Hirano or Yui Sakaibara’s disgusting high piced anime voice.  In fact, it’s not bad at all.  If there is any song that could get you into Maaya Sakamoto, it would be this one or Hemisphere.

~Chibikko Fooku~

I hope all these songs are songs you like too.  It’s fun just talking about random songs that you like and that you want other people to experience.  Hopefully I have introduced some og you to some new artists or some new favorite songs.  Oh, and before I forget….

~All Five Songs~

  1. I will NOT be reviewing any C-pop or K-pop.  This is strictly a J-pop review/ranting site.
  2. These songs are only to be used as promotion.
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  1. I have to agree with you on the Jolin Tsai album. I remember when it came out at about the same time as Ayumi’s album and thinking how even though there were fewer songs that I liked than on NEXT LEVEL, those few songs are a lot better than the ones on NEXT LEVEL. And even though I like “Hua Hu Die,” my favorite track is still “Ying Wu Zhe.”

    • I liked Shadow Dancer -Ying Wu Zhe- too! I do think that Flower Butterfly is a step down from Agent J though. I also liked Hot Winter -Re Dong- and Slow Life -Yu Man Yu Mei Li-.

      Do you know how much Flower Butterfly sold?

  2. I have no idea and apparently Google is no help in the matter. 😦

    • Oh that is sad. I have heard though that her albums Agent J and Dancing Diva sold more than one million… meh.

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