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September 21, 2009 at 9:05 am | Posted in ~Announcments, ~The Newcomers | 8 Comments

Well… I have decided that there are just a few things that I want to change before I continue to blog. What are those things? Well, let’s see…

I have added a few things to my About page so be sure to check that out.  I also have decided to get rid of the My OBSESSION! page.  I do not update it enough so instead I have decided to just make that idea in a random post format.  I’m also thinking about creating a bi-weekly or monthly poll of random J-Pop amazing-ness.  The questions could very from something serious like: Do you think Ayumi Hamasaki should retire? a) No, she is my goddess. b) No, I like making fun of her songs too much. c) Yes.  How old is she anyway? Like 52? and d) Yes, her big eyes and fake vibrato voice have been harming the J-Pop world for to long.  and just plain silly things like: Does Koda Kumi cause global warming from her slut-tastic grinding? a) Is it hot here or is it just me? b) What the hell is global warning? c) Yes, alan should take her to the back room and have her shot. d) *some scientific nonsense*

Sounds fun doesn’t it?  If I do decide to create a poll thing,  It will start in the beginning of October.  This idea will also need a lot of support from you guys so comment with additional thoughts and opinions.  I’m also goingto wait two days until I move what I have on the OBSESSION! page so you guys have time to brace yourselves (intense, I know).


I want to introduce two new artists that I’m going to feature on this blog:

hitomi 3 -line-

Yes, for now on I’m going to be reviewing hitomi.  The first songs I have heard from her were SAMURAI DRIVE and Japanese girl.  Sure, her vocals may not be the greatest (I describe them as twangy), but a lot of her songs are really catchy and for some reason it seems like her voice speaks to me.  I pretty much think she is amazing.  When I have some time to review past albums, I’ll review her album LOVE CONCENT.


Just like it the picture says, I’ll also be featuring BENI.  I have read reviews about her singles this era for BITTER&SWEET, but I have never listened to her.  Just didn’t seem like someone I would like, but for some reason I decided to download her new album when it came out and I actually liked some of the songs on it.  This is the perfect case of don’t judge a book by it’s cover (I know, how corny).  I’ll try to find some time to review that album, too.

I’m also thinking about using a new banner too!  Of course it’s one of the banners made by Aikorin from DISCO-MUNICATION, a blog of fangirling craziness and amazingness.  Seriously, I have no clue how she makes them.  Trust me, I have tried myself.  I think I’ll switch in the beginning of October.

*insert blah blah blah here*


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    Although I’ll definitely be looking forward to these reviews, they’re both good (Decent at the very least) artists.

    • Ok I’ll just send you the pictures when I get home if you want.

      hitomi I’m in love with at the moment, but BENI is a little iffy. At least they both release some good songs.

  2. LOLLL. I love those poll answers XD
    Kuu *should* be shot by alan…
    But then the Jpop world would be soo boring without amniotic fluid comments!

    Yay BENI! I really liked Bitter&Sweet. I’m wondering what you’re going to say about the cover XD
    Thanks for the shout-out (again) ❤

    • LOL! Kuu has been sucking things up a lot lately. alan should definitly kick her$#@ and she deserves to actually sell better than her.

      Yay BENI (x2). This album was actually pretty nice, but I think she replays the chorus a lot more than she has to in some songs (ie: STAY). Oh and the covers…. *evil scheming*

      How could I not give a shout out for those amazing banners. And I did download that program and I have no clue how you make them….

  3. sigh..I just love the design of Ipod, since I never owned one…i really want it XD

    but yea, Ipod classic would be much better, gosh if they have a red version X__X

    u got lots of songs! I only has like 900 songs…and i need to delete some of i rarely listens to Ayaka but kept her albums because “maybe i will someday”

    gosh I wont and never will!!!! I need to become strong minded and delete all the junk XO

    • well, I actually listen to all the song that I do have on my iPod at least five times. Sometimes I stumble upon a song I have not heard in a long time and I’m like “Oh this is AMAZING!!” I have gone through and deleted some songs off it though and I still have that many songs.

      The most songs I have from one artist would be Ayu (of course) with 198 songs, but that inlcudes 20 remixes (from her EuroBeat albums and MY STORY Classical) + the two single versions of WHATEVER and then Love ~since 1999~ (which is so horrible I might actually get rid of it).

      I think I’ll eventually need a bigger iPod….

  4. haha yes! i often does that to Namie’s songs, like her single “WILD/DR.” i’m listening to it everyday ❤ also Kuu's TABOO always sounded amazing…

    i love Ayu's earlier works, the music sounds really fantastic, her later works became more rock-influenced and i didnt like it as much…however i love the interludes in NEXT LEVEL album lol~

    I used to have all Ayu's music, along with obviously Hikki, and now i get rid of some ayu's songs but never touched anything by Hikki XD

    its great to hear that u get better scores!!! i was so sleepy and confused and tired during the science portion but i got pretty high score on that portion – –

    im going to retake it again too!!! good luck~ *3*

    • THANKS! I was suprised that I did the best on Math and Science since I thought I did the worst on those subjects, but whatever.

      I LOVE Ayu rock songs! How can you not?

      Hikki is kinda meh right now. I don’t get the hate for Distance though… What do you think of it?

      Also, Namie has some amazing songs. I wonder what her next album will be like? I have listened to WILD 81 times and Dr. 66 times. TABOO was just orgasmic! It used to be my top played song, but for some reason Together When… is in the lead now. Weird.

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