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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

Uhhh… what was Maki and Avex even thinking when this was taken?  This album is supposed to represent Mixi, a modern girl’s magazine and Avex, the artist rapist of the music industry.  When putting the two together, one would think that it could be Maki in like a cocktail dress or something holding a roll of duct tape or some rope with an evil psychotic look on her face.  Apparently these two genius companies come up with the idea of a Native American photo shoot.  The worst thing about this photo would definitely have to be Maki dress.  It very ugly and should just be used as a dust cloth or a gaudy tablecloth you would find at an old ladies’ house.  The way how they actually braided her extensions into some weird quilt strand looking things is gross, too.  The fake butterfly is also another pointless touch and the same goes for the feather poof sticking out of her head.  Avex should just shove those feathers up their #%$.  The font is yet another low point of the photo.  The font and the little design around it was edgy and everything else is a tranny Native in an ugliest dog contest.  Maki’s face looks nice, but that’s about it.

* * * * *

  1. Queen Bee with BIGGA RAIJI
  2. Lady-Rise
  3. Candy
  4. TEAR DROPS with KG
  5. Mine with KEN THE 390
  6. Fly Away
  7. Plastic Lover
  8. with…

Well, at first I extremely hate  Queen Bee with BIG RAIJI since that guys coarse ass screaming is very annoying.  It seems at points he is actually slurring his word.  After around five listens you get used to it, but it can still be troublesome at points.  It’s sad too because I think the chorus is actually catchy, which is suprising since it is a really superficial song.  Boom “>Boom “>Boom Boom Boom Boom!  Also when it get’s all ballady during the bridge, that jackass just ruins the moment with his annoying rapping.  I HATE IT WHEN HE SAYS QUEEN BEE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!  Seriously this guy needs his throat slashed, but every other aspect of the song besides him is great!

The next song that comes is the naughty Lady-Rise.  Maki is a fierce bitch in that video.  Anywho, this song is pretty catchy and Maki’s vocals are more controled than what I usually hear from her.  She still manges to make this song cute with the last line of the chorus though.  I also think that it’s weird that this song follows the average song rules as in it goes: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge (however short it might be), and double chorus and still manage to be under three minutes.  This song is still amazing though even though I have been listening to it for a long time.

Candy takes the album on a darker synth route.  I like dark songs a lot so this song makes me happy.  It took a while to get used to though since I think it has a weak arrangement and chorus isn’t really eye opening or catchy.  In all reality it just seems like an extension of the verses.  My favorite part would be when her voice becomes all distorted and she says “(something something) candy?” or maybe it’s “give me, free me”.  I also like the part where she just goes “Oooh OhOoooh”.  This is actually a little bland now that I think about it more…

Then we come to the promotional song for the album, TEAR DROPS with KG.  I actually really like this song.  It’s pretty much an average mid-tempo ballad.  During the verses, Maki sounds really emotional which is nice.  KG’s vocals aren’t really that great.  It just seems like he is pushing it and he sounds a little gruff (plus I don’t like male singers, especially male Japanese singers).  This song does have a lot of potential, but it just is climatic.  It’s catchy in its own way, but it’s still not OMG EPIC WIN!  Still, I think it’s one of the better songs on the album.

Ewww… Mine with KEN THE 390 just sounds really bad.  Maki’s vocals sound all high pitched and really thin, especially during the chorus.  When she first sang this song at a-nation ’08 when it was called Hear Me, it sounded way better.  She actually had deep vocals which I definitely prefer over this.  Still, the arrangement doesn’t seem to work for me.  A plus for the song would be the KEN’s singing, but it’s only a positive since he is the best male singer on this album.  In conclusion, not that great….

FINALLY!!! Sure I might have been listening to Fly Away since it first came out in January, but after all these months it is still one of my favorite songs from Maki.  Her vocals are also really spectacular.  She needs to sing like this more often.  I do admit though that the begin is little but of a WTF moment, but now I think it just adds to the amazingness of the song.  Another reason why I like this song even more now is because we finally have a great catchy song on this album.  I don’t think this song was half-assed in any way!

Ok, this is a little different.  Plastic Lover takes a more electro pop route and it doesn’t really turn out that great.  I have no clue what she is saying in the chorus besides “can you feel it” and “sunshine” (which she says like sunsheen, but she might even be saying something else too).  This song also suffers from a weak arrangement.  Nothing is catchy at all and that is a real problem for me, but I think this might have to be one of those songs that will just have to grow on me.

The album ends on a sweet note with with….  I have always liked this song even though it seems like during the verses, Maki just decided to go note jumping and the producers decided it worked.  This song isn’t all that amazing (like the rest of this album), but I do think it’s very calming and cute.  It’s not so bad to have that every now and then, is it?

The Songs That Didn’t make it

  1. Golden LUV

Yes, I decided to include these songs in my review because I know if I don’t review them now they will never be reviewed.  Anywho, Golden LUVis a song that really fits Maki voice.  The synths during the verses is also pretty cool, but the brass that comes during the building up to the chorus and during the chorus is the best part.  I’m not sure if it real or synthetic though.  Maki needs to pair up with ravex again if they release anything else.  This song definitely should have been added to SWEET BLACK.  That album needs a hot song like this. 

Maki teams up with DJ Mayumi and some other stupid guys who aren’t really important.  All you need to know is that their vocals suck even under a vocoder and that they should also have their throats cut.  Maki’s parts, however, are truly heavenly… well until she gets to the chorus.  All it is is Maki repeating Crazy in Love over and over again and she can’t speak english to save her life.  The only reason she sounds somewhat recognisable is because her voice is filtered.  It’s sad that Maki doesn’t get another verse afterwards because that is the part of the. 

* * * * *

This was one of my most anticipated releases of the year and after listening to it, it actually becomes one of my biggest let downs of the year (I’ll just put you next to 3 SPLASH and Alive/Physical thing).  There were songs that I did like though, but even the majority of them had parts in them that I extremely hated.  I was expecting Maki to come in and take over Kuu’s throne of skanky, STD possessing sluttiness, but this album just failed… hardcore.  It’s sad because I was really rooting for Maki, but right now I just feel indifferent towards her.  Whatever girl…

2.5 gaudy Native tranny impersonators out of 5

  1. Fly Away/Golden LUV
  2. TEAR DROPS with KG
  3. Lady-Rise
  4. Candy


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  1. what what what let down????

    gosh i should go check it out immediately!!!!

    • It actually has grown on me a lot since I reviewed it, but I would still consider it a let down. Hopefully when she releases stuff under her own name it will be better.

      • haha i agree with u a little after listening to the album

        its a bit let down…

        and i never thought the album cover was the official cover..maybe because the album title wasnt large enough for me to see

  2. How could you hate the cover? D:

    • How could I not hate that cover? It’s not sophisticated or modern like this album attempts to be.

  3. Okay, WOW.

    Um… 2.5, really? I can’t say I blame you, I was let down by it too, but… 2.5?!?!

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