BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~

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BALLAD~Namonaki Koi no Uta~ 

Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

I’m starting to get really mad at alan now.  Up until Gunjou no Tani, all of her covers had her name in that funky font (which I liked), but now she has just done away with it.  Also, alan must have a fetish for bubbles.  Why else would she let someone but such a pointless object on her cover?  alan, however, looks pretty even though I think she looks better with her hair let down.  It also looks like there is a tear drop about to run down from her left eye.  It’s fitting for the title which is nowhere to be seen, keeping the flow of past covers.  The yellow spots on the blurry background are gross.  Well the good things about this cover would be: a) alan, b) tear drop.  The bad would be: everything else.  Oh well, as long as she doesn’t disappear from the music scene I’ll be happy.

* * * * *

  1. BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~
  2. Shiawase no Kane (2009 ver.)

The single opens up with yet another grand ballad from the ballad queen who does nothing but ballads called BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~.  Seriously she does nothing but ballads, but at least most of them are good ballads.  Anyways, this song starts with a pretty, airy vocals from alan saying ” La La La, So Long”, I think.  Whenever that part shows up in the song I’m happy.  After that she does a half-ass wail, but I’m glad she can still do it.  The verses aren’t that spectacular, but I don’t think there is really much one can complain about.  The chorus is really amazing.  It’s like desperation and guilt had a baby (baby music! (waaa stupid HOUSE NATION, I hate that song!!!!)).  I like it when alan sounds sorrowful because it adds so much more to a song, though I think she does sound nasally at times.  I can’t really complain that much about this song, but I can say that I think I liked Kuon no Kawa better.  I don’t know why…

Now things go downhill with Shiawase no Kane (2009 ver.).  The first thing I notice is that there are no bells in the beginning (and in the chorus) like there were in the original.  alan also sounds better than she did in the original, especially during the chorus.  The part that makes me mad is that there are no drums after the first chorus like there were in the original.  Oh, and what the hell alan!?!?  Why are you adding all this extra shit during the last chorus?  I liked this song when alan was singing it in a straightforward, mater-of-fact way, not singing all these little extras.  This version definitely has more prominent violins than the original.  The original also had electric guitar in it, also.  It also had a sense of hopelessness to it.  I think I’ll be sticking with the original even though that song is a little plain itself.

* * * * *

BALLAD ~Namonaki Koi no Uta~ was definitely the upside of this single, like every A-side should be.  The B-side was just horrific though.  I thought when something is remade, it gets better.  Obviously alan and her producers missed out on this fact and decided to suck up an already plain song even worse, but I don’t care.  BALLAD more than makes up for Shiawase no Kane (2009 ver.) so I’m happy with that. 

3.5 bubble fetishes out of 5

In other alan news, I’m really excited for her unannounced next single that was featured in an add for thing that looks like a milano cookie. 

I like the alan in the black outfit. =)  The song also sounds really neat, too.  I’m happy were getting something upbeat from alan that isn’t a piecer (ie: My Stage)


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  1. In terms of alan always putting out ballads, I’m assuming that has something to do with maximizing her vocal abilities, kind of like Celine Dion. She’s clearly gifted. Hopefully, though, in a few years, she’ll demand a few more fun songs the way Dion did. Nothing Koda Kumi-esque, of course, after all I think the appeal of her is what sets her apart from her pop contemporaries.

    Anyway, lovely single.

  2. no idea where the 2 bubbles came from…

    her new album is out this November, i wonder what kind of music she will present this time..judging from this ballad it sounds like she is moving towards JPOP?
    oh duh she is a jpop artist..but i loved her VoE with all those traditional asian music

    • me too! Oriental = AMAZING!!! Thats why love Ayu’s theme for a-nation ’03 and GREEN. She should keep using that style definitely.

  3. gosh i was in such agony when i put up that ugly Exodus U.S cover…they try to make Hikki look asian? thick eyebrows…

    i did not like This Is the One’s cover either..

    haha i’m in love with all utada’s works, maybe not so much about First Love but otherwise I’m just so hyped up lol

    • I actually liked most of first love (especially B & C, Another Chance, and Amai Wana ~Paint it Black~ and first love (the song) sucked!!!)

      TiTO had horrible covers with ugly font. Hikki also looked like a cracked out drug addict who just rolled out of bed and the person was like, CHEESE! *snap* and then they just used that. Personally, i think she looks disgusting with short hair. She needs Ultra Blue hair back.

      She also needs to release something. She waits forever to release something. I also think im starting to lose faith in her, especially after HEART STATION. more the half of the songs were already released. the only ones that weren’t were take 5, celebrate, gentle beast interlude (if that even counts), and Nijiiro Bus. Prisoner of love doesnt count since it was released afterwards and Fight the Blue was released as a digital single. She seriously needs to step up her game if I will like her the way i used (in DEEP RIVER era).

  4. Haha yes~ Heart Station was composed mostly of released singles~ But i think Heart Station/Stay Gold was like the promotional single for the album

    I kinda like Heart Station thou, its the first album I heard from her and i guess i listen to it too much so now it became dull to me (except Beautiful World)

    and LMAO ur comments about her TiTO is soo damn funny haha~ srsly all of her album cover is a close up face shot of her, they should make it pretty and seductive muhaha

    but i think she is going to release something soon, she is not updating her blog that often now, and she is currently caught dating a artist! maybe its just me but i think when she is in love her music is really really good haha~ (like when she was with her ex-husband Deep River~Ultra Blue)

    i feel sorry that you were sick! its terrible to spend 3 hours testing while ur sick, hope you feel better (listen to Keep Tryin’!!) XD

    totally agree with the Jolin ballads…they sucks!!! Her dance songs are extravagant ~ u should listen to her duo with Jay Chou called “bu la ge guang chang” its such a magical song~

    • well i hope your right. I need a new song that is really amazing. It just seems that nothing released this summer was like OMG *splurge*.

      Ya i just got some medication yesterday and so far i feel ten times better. Thanks for caring! And I love Keep Tryin’!

      I have never heard that song and i never listen to male singers, at all. Yes i’m biased like that. All I know that those two used to date and now that hate each other. Do you know why she hops lables like every 2 years?

      • i knowww!!! i was hoping for some good music this summer but its just all Ok..

        I think Jolin is trying to start her own label or something? she doesnt hate jay chou i guess, since they are doing some corroborating business right now.

        haha don’t like male singers? XD I like guys singing dance or fast songs, when they sing love ballads all the time its kinda…

        oh well lol

  5. ^I can’t wait for Hikki to release something… a few songs on Tito grew on me, but it took like 4 months..

    I hate those covers >.< alan is gorgeous but that bubble and the white space… what were they thinking? And i loled so hard at your bubble fetishes thing 😀
    I liked Kuon no Kawa better than this too. Both PVs are realllllyyy pretty though.

    • I liked both PVs too! Well, BALLAD not so much. It looked nice though. The reason I like Kuon no Kawa so much was because she starts off as an empress or something, and throughout the course of the war her throne is usurped and she becomes a peasnt person. At least that’s the way I took it….

      (plus I like that song more)

      In Hikki news, she really needs to get crackin with the releases. I find it weird that out of all the JPop artists that I listen to, she can not release something for the longest amount of time and her sales are still the same, but now I’m curious since TiTO didn’t sell that well and her last English album sold around what HEART STATION did so I’m a little curious if people still like her.

      Also I think you banners are so amazing! (again…)

      • Kuon no Kawa is just so beautiful!

        Yeah, I was hoping for lots of sales for TiTo even though I didnt’ like it at first. She’s *apparently* working on her next Jap. album, I guess her albums take a lot of work since she does a lot of it herself. I was so mad with that Beautiful World remix.

        Lol, I HATE those stupid Twilight books, I have friends who LOVE them though. The story is so lame.

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