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3 SPLASH -bad-


Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

 Well, it’s a little hard to talk about one cover and not the rest so I’ll just bash on all of them.  Well the one for Lick Me♥ has the worst outfit for sure.  Sure she is trying to be all 50s and stuff, but it really makes her look fat and after becoming all anorexic (allegedly) she doesn’t need an outfit like that.  Her redish-blonde hair is gross too.  She can not pull of being a ginger.  The Hashire! is worse though.  She pulled an Ayu and she is starting to do that a lot lately.  The outfit is just a crime against humanity.  Again Kuu, you can’t pull that off (like another asian *coughboacough*).  Oh, and what’s with the balls Kuu.  We all know your a skank so you don’t have to blatantly show us! (don’t worry, I watched the PV so calm down).  Well, the best cover (sadly) would have to be the one for ECSATSY which is why it’s the biggest.  Anywho it looks like she is headling a show in Vegas… for butch lesbians!  Her nasty ass hair is not working for me at all.  Her face, however, look amazing.  It’s sexy and angelic at the same time.  Overall, these covers are a FAIL.  The bad definitely out-weigh the good.  At least Alive/Physical thing’s covers are awesome!

* * * * *

  1. 09:00 A.M. [Intro]
  2. Lick Me♥
  4. 12:35 P.M. [Interlude]
  5. Hashire!
  6. 04:20 P.M. [Interlude]
  7. Lick Me♥ Q;indivi-Yusuke Tanka Remix
  8. ECSTASY Carmel Pod E Remix
  9. Hashire! 420 Remix
  10. 12:00 A.M. [Outro]

09:00 A.M. [Interlude] is just a mash of heavy beats and computer beeps.  Pretty much pointless.  Personally, I think it’s a mixture of her alarm clock going off and her computer beeping from her face  being on the keyboard.  Yes, I believe she fell asleep having intimate lesbian talk with her life partner, Linda, but from now on she wants to be known as Carl.  Not really…

No Kuu, it’s not alright.  Lick Me♥ is nothing special.  It’s just another generic Kuu summer song.  The skipping is really annoying, but I like the echoing affects during the chorus (like when she says the last go).  The dadada’s a dumb though.  Still, this does not replace Koi no Tsubomi.  Not even close.

ECSTASY is another generic Kuu dance song.  Seriously, TABOO and BUT are way better.  Still, it is the best song on the single.  My favorite part is when she says, “Make me hot.”  Oh and before I saw the lyrics, I thought she was saying, “Addicted to your dick” instead of “Go deep, de-deep, deep.”  Still, it’s a catchy song, just not her best.

Now it’s interlude time.  12:35 P.M. [Interlude] is really to short to enjoy, but my guess it would be even worse if it was longer.  Nothing really interesting goes on except at the end when a female voice say, “It’s time for showdown.”  She needs to at least make sense.  Just as worthless as the intro.

Ok, now please don’t hate me for this, but I’m actually starting to like Hashire!.  I don’t know why since her vocals are a little annoying, especially in the chorus where she screams at points.  Maybe it’s because it’s unique and something different from Kuu.  Oh and then part were Kuu sings before the bridge sucks balls.  I also don’t like they little extras she adds on at the end when she goes na-na-na.  It ends like Ai Otsuka’s U-Boat when she says, “Thank You.”, at least, I think that’s what she says.

04:20 P.M. [Interlude] is just as pointless as the last interlude.  Now it sounds like she is in a car listening to her radio.  There is another beeping noise like in the intro, also.  I just noticed her saying K-U-M-I like in ECSTASY.  What’s up with the cheering?  This is dumb.

Oh, this sounds funky and amazing!  Lick Me♥ Q;indivi-Yusuke Tanaka Remix is really good remix of a mediocre song.  The music is all funky and electronic which is a good.  There are still parts of the song that I don’t like the dadada’s, but at least it isn’t all skip-tastic.  I think this remix should have been the original song.  Now every thing’s alright!

ECSTASY Caramel Pod E Remix is another story.  This just turns the best song on this single into a pile of sh!t.  Although in this song I can actually make out laid back instead of remix becuase  it’s said all the time.  The remixer also makes Kuu spell her name out alot.  This song is a lot calmer then the original which I like, especially the chorus.  It’s such a nice contrast from the original.  For me, it actually works.  Too bad the rest of the song doesn’t.  I want to shoot my self during the bridge when Kuu says ECTSSSSSSS         STASY over and over again.  Bleh!

Hashire! 420 Remix features way more beats than the original.  Also included is a a guy saying yeah in the background… all the time.  This is worse than original by far.  Ewww, they also have the last note of the chorus extended times ten.  It’s really annoying.  This song does seem faster than the original which is good because then it’s over faster (even though it’s longer than the original…).

12:00 A.M. [Outro] features Kuu getting into her car.  Again, it seems really pointless.  There are ocean sounds near the end and Kuu spelling her name again.  Yeah Kuu, we get it.

* * * * *

I have to admit, this single wasn’t that great.  Sure, it’s a step up from It’s All Love!, but they wasn’t really hard to surpass.  Although I enjoyed all of the original songs, this is such a step down from TRICK and other past Kuu songs (Chase and Cutie Honey anyone?).  I have huge doubts for her next single,  Alive/Physical thing, but my opinion might change.  Koda Kumiseriously needs to revamp her image and quality of songs for me (and most likely others) to keep interest in her.  She, like other artists out there, have fallen into a predictable rut.  She always has a four or three A-side single in the summer (like 4 HOT WAVE, FREAKY, and Moon), then an autumnsingle like TABOO, and then a winter single.  Sad, but true.  Ranting aside, this single gets…

2.5 lesbian lovers out of 5



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  1. Good review, I love Ecstasy and I like the Interlude and Lick Me more.

    Can’t wait for her next single, Physical Thing.

  2. I personally LOVE the ecstasy cover.
    The outfit, and pretty much everything about it. ❤
    Her face is gorgeous there.

    But the one in all pink, not so much. She looks fine, but that picture on the right. Yeah, she's doing too much of the fierce mouth thing.

  3. the cover is love, the songs are horrible…

    I miss TABOO.. T_T and some of her earlier sexy songs

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