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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

I thought there was three of them?  I think that not including the other two is dumb, even though I like this cover.  It very natural and tribal, but I think I’ve seen the mask somewhere before.  The ropes in here hair a little weird too… bondage much?    Well besides all of that, I like this cover a lot.  It’s like a watered down version of one of RURUTIA’s covers.  The green background is really pretty and the etching with the vines and leaves is amazing.  For me, it’s a win.

* * * * *

  1. Lacrimosa

Contrary to the majority of reviews I have read, I actually really like Lacrimosa, mainly because I like it when the main singer (I don’t know who it is so someone should tell me which voice belongs to what name) says “Lacrimosa“.  I like the deep voiced girl that isn’t the one that can get nasally.  It just seems really powerful and emotional.  I like how this song is like ancient/rockish/folky all at the same time.  It works out really well.  Definitely one of my favorite songs from them.

GLORIA is another really nice song and I think I like it more than Lacrimosa.  The melody is perfect everywhere, especially the verses.  The nasally girl singing is a little annoying though.  They sound a little heartless when they say “GLORIA“, but that makes it cooler.  It surprises me how Kalafina can do amazing rock song like sprinter and love come down and still do really amazing ballads.

* * * * *

I actually really liked this single.  There are songs on Seventh Heaven that I liked better, but I think this is a good start for Kalafina in their new era.  Lacrimosa and GLORIA weren’t anything new from the group, but they are still good songs.  When I first heard this group, I thought they were just going to just be a bunch of alan’s, but I’m glad they are so much more.  Definitely a group that deserves to be listened to.  Oh and the girl I like sings in the beginning part of the verses in Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku.


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  1. Yay, Kalafina! A few things, though =P.

    – There are two covers: one for Keiko (the one above) and one for Wakana, so technically only one of them is left out XDD. The stuff in Keiko’s hair are ribbons, which is normal XDD. I think someone’s mind has been.. somewhere XDDDDDD. I kid ;D.
    – Low-pitched Girl: Keiko / The one who usually does the melody: Wakana / The last girl: Hikaru (she opens GLORIA, and probably who you refer to as the “nasally girl”)

    Nice review, though! Glad to see some other reviewers who like Lacrimosa ;D.

    • Ya, I figured that out after I reviewed it and I think the orange one is better too. Oh, and I’m glad you didn’t take that review serious. I also kid =\

      YAY! Thanks for telling me who’s who. You should be a detective or something! =D

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