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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

Well, there is definitely more to talk about with this photo.  I mean seriously avex, bunnies?  I thought this is was supposed to be a winter themed album.  Maybe they started with two bunnies at the beginning of the shoot, but they just multiplied throughout.  It also looks like they went to an abandoned house since there’s plastic over the furniture.  It’s hard to see it whit all the light, but her hat is ridiculous, but that doesn’t even compare to her crazy ass boots.  That is really not a sensible skiing outfit unless you want frostbite.  That makes me ask the question, why is CHISA trying to be sexy?  Her voice makes that impossible.  Happy yell voice = no sexy time.  It obviously didn’t sell the album just like all the promotion and tie-ins didn’t help.  The other cover with the tree is ten times better, but I felt that I should talk about this one for obvious reasons.

* * * * *

  1. Winter Game
  2. Drive Away
  3. Power of Love
  4. Shiawase no Jouken
  6. Jounetsu no Daishou
  7. Fine after rain
  8. Breath
  9. Day’s…
  10. ESCAPE
  11. Winter Garden
  12. Climber’s high
  14. Guuzen no Kakuritsu

Well, GND’s debut album starts with Winter Game.  During the chorus it sounds like CHISA is straining/yelling, but with the catchiness of the song I can overlook that.  I really can’t stand how she sounds happy all the time and I know she does that purposely ever since I heard NEW ECCENTRIC GIRL.  Still, I think it’s one of the best songs on the album, sadly.

Then the album flows perfectly into Drive Away.  I think this song is different the the previous song in the beginning, but than CHISA comes in and then it sounds so repetitive.  I like it when she says “drive away”, but that’s about it.

Again, Power of Love starts off with unique music, but then CHISA has to come in and ruin everything.  I like that she is saying the verses faster the previous two songs and I like the way the chorus is set up, but the high notes… not so much.  The synth bursts after the chorus are also really cool since it sounds really heavy, but that doesn’t last long.  I really just want a dark song from GND.

Things improve a little bit with Shiawase no Jouken.  CHISA doesn’t sound as happy as she did in the other songs which is plus.  This song also sounds a little more serious than the other songs.  The music does sound a little dated though during the chorus.  Just another alright song from GIRL NEXT DOOR.

Then things get a lot slower.  The chorus of WINTER MIRAGE is so draggy.  She says winter in this song too just like she did in Winter Game.  The music when CHISA isn’t singing is nice, but I would like to her a sense of sorrow or something in her voice, especially when doing a ballad.

Jounetsu no Daishou sounds better than the majority of the previous songs in my opinion.  It has to be the piano.  I like this song since CHISA decides not to torture my ears with high notes, at least not that often.  This album is starting to sound to similar though.

GND tries something a little different finally.  CHISA’s happy voice and high pitched yells still sound as horrible as ever though, but I’m starting to get used to it.  Fine after Rain  is still a happy song, but out of all the happy songs that I have heard on this album so far it has to be one of the better ones.

GND tries another ballad and makes it a little more aggressive.  Sadly it’s not a great song.  Breath is just really boring, but the powerful chorus is nice, until CHISA yells, which is a lot, but the part after the second chorus has to be the worst.  Ouch…

OMG! This sounds so amazing and different from everything else on this album, but to my dismay it, Day’s… is only an interlude.  This proves that GND can make other songs instead of euro-beat sh!t that all sounds the same, but will they every take that chance?  Probably not, but I can always hope for CHISA to start a solo career.

Day’s flows perfectly into Escape, another cheap knock off of every GND song.  I like the loud synths in the chorus when CHISA holds that note and when it gets all skippy during the last chorus.  She just needs to know how to say escape properly since it’s not es-u-cay.

Winter Garden makes me happy since it sounds different to some extent.  It’s not so heavy on the synths like the rest of the album.  Like all the other “winter” songs, CHISA again says winter, but I could care less since this song sounds amazing at this point even though it’s not amazing song, it just sounds so different at this point.  I glad it’s not all fast and crazy either.  They already have a lot of songs like that.  Does anyone know what she says in english?  I think it’s “I made love in my gah” or something like that.

At first I thought we were getting an Ayu interlude or another ballad, but we instead get the amazing Climber’s high.  This is the darker sound I wanted from GND, even though it’s still pretty light.   This has to be the catchiest song on this album and that easily makes it my favorite.

YAY! A different sounding song and it’s really lovely and amazing… but then I look at how long it is and find out NEXT DOOR is just another interlude.  This would have been amazing too since the piano and violins sound so epic together.  It really is powerful.  Then it just explodes into…

Guuzen no Kakuritsu.  For being the groups debut song, it has to be one of my favorites.  I really love the chorus and every time I sing it I smile.  I don’t care how awful CHISA vocals can get, this song is just cool.  I also like how the verses are all chill and everything and the chorus is so explosive and catchy.  This song still has all the same elements as all the other songs on this album, but that’s ok.

The Songs That Didn’t Make it

  1. red ribbon ~Unmei no Hito~

The only actual song that didn’t make it would be red ribbon ~Unmei no Hito~.  I think it should have been since I think it’s a bajillion times better than Breath,  but oh well.  This song has a catchy chorus and CHISA isn’t sickeningly happy as she is in other songs.  The synths at 3:46 are pretty cool, too.  There are parts in this song where CHISA’s voice sounds like she is longing for something.  Weird.  Still, I think this song is better than some of the album songs.

* * * * *

Well,  GIRL NEXT DOOR wasn’t that bad of an album.  All the songs sound really similar and the album flowed really well which wasn’t a good thing in this case.  I think if anyone wants to listen to this album, separating the songs is the best idea.  Seriously though, this group needs a new composer and arranger.  They also need to use different things instead of synths, piano, and guitar.  The songs I did like on this album though I really liked so that’s a good thing.  This group still needs a lot of help if they want to stay popular.  Crazy amounts of promotion isn’t helping.

3.5 talentless bunnies (that are all the same!!!) out of 5

  1. Climber’s high
  2. Guuzen no Kakuritsu
  3. Winter Game
  4. Shiawase no Jouken
  5. Winter Garden




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  1. It’s Japan.
    Apparently, all the creepy Old Japanese dudes find high pitched yelping during sex sexy.
    Even when it sounds like a little girl.

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