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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

 This would have to be my favorite cover out of the two just for the fact that it’s so different.  I actually like how unique it is.  Kuu doesn’t look like herself either which makes me think that she is trying to pull a “trick” on us, who knows?  The bad thing for me would have to be her hair.  I just think that blonde/yellow streak in every curl looks nasty.  For some reason it reminds me of mustard and I hate mustard.  Still… it’s not half bad.

* * * * *

  2. TABOO
  3. show girl
  4. Your love
  5. stay with me
  6. This is not a love song
  7. Driving
  8. Bling Bling Bling feat. AK-69
  9. That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie
  10. Hurry Up!
  11. Moon Crying
  13. Joyful
  14. Ai no Kotaba
  15. Venus

 This album starts with the bad ass INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK.  This has to be her best open since Get it On.  It’s a really intense listen and the voices in the beginning add a certain amusement to this intro to even out the mood.  She has to make this a full song or else I will lose all faith in her.

YAY, SEXY TIME!  TABOO  was definitely a must listen to song in 2008 and it doesn’t lose any steam on the album.  In fact, I think it’s better now that it has an awesome opener in front of it.  This  song, as of right now, is also my most played song on my iPod with 132 plays, so if that doesn’t show how good/catchy of a song that is, I don’t know what will.

show girl is such an awkward song.  The verses, to me, do not fit with the chorus.  I remember listening to this song as  preview on her website and I was so excited for it, but the verses = fail.  The bridge is also weird in the beginning, but I like they later part when she is speak-singing and there are distorted guy voices in the background.  Oh, and why did she cut the last chorus out that she had in the PV?  That makes me mad since the chorus is the best part.  Moods suddenly change when the brass instruments come in and it’s all marchy time.  I like it when she says thank you at the end though, so I guess that’s a plus.

What is their to say about You love?  It’s just another mid-tempo/light Kuu song.  It doesn’t fit in well after show girl either.  This song is a little on the boring side, but it ends up being a nice listen after a while.  I like when she speaks english in this song surprisingly since her english is usually on the iffy/unlistenable-pull-my-hair-out side.

I’m just going to put it out their and say that stay with me has to be my favorite ballad on this album.  That doesn’t mean it’s good though, but for a ballad i find it surprisingly catchy.  I can’t stand the background singer though.  It’s not an amazing alan ballad, and it’s not another hands, but it’ll do.  Kuu needs to work on this now that she has her sexy stuff down, especially since she does them all the time.

Ok, what the hell up is with the flow of this album?  Fake sad to sexy hardcore does not work.  This is not a love song is another strong song on this album.  I really like more aggressive songs and this fills my appetite.  Hahaha! LOL at the “damn” part.  I really like how vulnerable she sounds in the bridge.  This is a major improvement from the last two songs.

Ok, what’s up with the dumb guy in the beginning?  Anywho, Driving is pretty amazing.  The verses seem really short, but that’s ok since the chorus is pretty amazing.  I like the aggressive synth bursts before the chorus where she starts with the counting a lot, too.  The bridge is also interesting to listen to also.  There is so much about this song that I like that it doesn’t fail ever and won’t fail.

Ok, now this is the part where Kuu’s english fails.  Bling Bling Bling feat. AK – 69 is a bomb waiting to detonate.  Her voice in the chorus is so obnoxious and annoying.  Her voice in the verses is really nice, but man I just can’t take it and what the hell is with the guy?  He has like a major crack voice.  Drop this doucher Kuu so he can go back to his coke.  It’s alright in the end, but she seriously needs to find better people to collab with, uh like actual singers who can sing.  How hard is it to do your job?

Well she picked a better person to collab with, but it went totally in the wrong direction.  All I can think of when I play this song is “Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?” and that’s not a good thing.  That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie is an epic fail.  This song fails in every way mostly do to the fact that I can’t hear Kuu most of the time and when I do hear her I can’t understand her.  I thought this song was going to be more of an "East meets West" thing, but it turned out being slut meets bigger slut and everyone get herpa-cypha-gonal-aids (it’s self explanatory).  Definitely no iPod worthy.

Finally things change for the better with Hurry Up!  I love how everything is distorted and how aggressive this song is.  The bridge is definitely the best part of the song, for me at least.  The chorus doesn’t sound rushed to me since I’m able to sing every part without passing out.  This song is just so amazing!  I’m glad Kumi actually did a good rock song.

And then things slow down… a lot.  Right now I really want to change the song, but I can’t because I have to right a little blurb about Moon Crying.  It was good on the single, but now after listening to it for a bit, it makes me want to smash my iPod by hitting the forward button to much.  Luckily it gets better later in the song when more things start going on.  The verses actually sound nice, but this song as a whole is just not working for me, on the album at least.

 Finally a song I like.  JUST THE WAY YOU ARE  is a really nice change from all the aggressive and sh!t songs that were just experienced on the earlier part of this album.  I love the violins (I think) that are the main instrument throughout the whole song.  It’s so amazing.  Kuu,  I like you too!

Joyful tries to reincarnate the amazingness that was the last song, but comes off as a cheap knock-off.  That doesn’t mean it’s a bad song.  The only part I really don’t like (and it even makes me laugh sometimes) is when Kumisays, "Joyful GREE!"  That part is just a win.  Ok, now the la-lala-lala part is making me mad.  It’s an ok listen.

Ai no Kotaba is just so boring, but that doesn’t start till Kuu comes in.  I really like the first piano part when it’s all by it’s self, but sadly that doesn”t last long.  This has to be the worst ballad on this album actually.  The background vocal at the end of the bridge has to be the worst part of the song though.  They just sound so lazy and at the end they sound off key.  Kuu, I’m not trying to be pushy or anything, but please work on your ballads or at least hire a new composer.

The album ends on the worst note possible: a completely english song by the name of Venus.  Her voice actually doesn’t sound bad, in fact, I think it sounds really good.  I really hate the way she says fire.  She gets all squeaky and high and it’s a little unbearable.  Another bad thing is that this song just sounds so dated.  Oh, and Kuu?  You aren’t my penis.

The Songs That Didn’t Make it

  1. Once Again
  2. Lady Go!
  3. Always
  4. Winter Bell

I’m going to start with Once Again.  I really like the overall feel of this song and I think the chorus is really heartfelt sounding.  I like the reggae-ish sound of this song since I haven’t heard from Kuu before (and if she has made a song like this, please tell me).  This is a nice song to listen to if you just chilling out.  YAY!

Lady Go! takes us on a different route.  I like how her voice is lightly vocodered and her english in this song is actually enjoyable.  This song does seem a little bit on the boring side.  I also thought this song would be more energetic by looking at the title.  It seems like this song could be the dorky younger brother of Driving that no one really appreciates, but it’s still a deserving song.

Next we have Always.  I think this song is really catchy for being a mid-tempo song.  It just seems really emotional and angelic.  Kuu does a wonderful job of singing this song.  If she were to include a b-side on the album (like she did in the secret era) I would want it to be this one.

Lastly we have Winter Bell.  I think this song is another catchy song from Kuu and I’m glad she did an upbeat winter track.  She really sounds like she is having fun with this song and I can understand why.  Awesome job!

* * * * *

Well TRICK is definitely one of my favorite album from Koda Kumi.  The songs that I really liked on this album have to be some of my favorite songs from this album.  It totally blows KINGDOM out of the water even though that album also had some good songs.  I’m still mad that NEXT LEVEL didn’t sell more than this (ya I like Ayu that much), but it’s understandable when Kuu has way better songs.  I was also surprised that her b-sides were pretty good, too.  What a nice era overall!

4.5 clown hookers out of 5

  1. Driving
  2. TABOO
  4. Winter Bell
  6. show girl



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  1. You don’t care for show girl? Well honestly I didn’t really get the hype for it when I first heard it but it’s grown on me immensely and I love it to death now!

    Yay love for stay with me!!! I’m happy that you liked it since it’s so sad and pretty!

    and lol, I really like the guy saying “back off” at the beginning of Driving. I don’t know why but it’s one of my favorite parts of the song XD

    I won’t even go into Bling Bling Bling. It seems like nobody likes it but me hahaha.

    • I actually really liked show girl, I just didn’t think that the verses went together with the chorus. The chorus is amazing.

      Bling x3 is an ok song. Kuu’s voice just seems really obnoxious in the chorus, but the verses are pretty. Don’t even get me started on that guy though…

  2. Oh… the pain! I highly dislike this album and in my opinion it seems like Kuu is just going downhill with her recent stuff. The only songs that I enjoyed though were TABOO, show girl, Your Love, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, Driving, Stay with me, Moon Crying, and Joyful. I think her older albums were better and I hope she picks it up with something better than this because I like her and I want to see her succeed whenever she decides to do another album.

    • I mostly just based the rating on how much I liked the songs that i actually like. I liked all the ones you mentioned besides Your Love and Joyful. Ya… it’s actually not that great.

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