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Eye Candy + Random Thoughts

This cover is pretty amazing and in my opinion, photoshopped very well besides Kashiyuka’s ape hand on the triangle and her inverted right leg.  I still think ⊿ is a stupid name, but what can you do.  After reading other forums out their, something like STRAiGHT EDGE or just edge would have been cool, but after listening to this album I would call it sh!t (it’s ment to be like that) and you will soon find out why.

* * * * *

  1. Take off
  2. love the world
  3. Dream Fighter
  4. edge (⊿ mix)
  6. Kiss & Music
  7. Zero Gravity
  8. I Still Love U
  9. The best thing
  10. Speed of Sound
  12. Negai (album mix)

The album starts with the appropriately named Take off.  This intro is actually pretty interesting.  I really like how they countdown.  Their child-like voices actually fit this.  Still… having an intro on a twelve song album is pretty pathetic, but not as bad as having four interludes on a fourteen song album (glares at Ayu).

It soon abruptly changes into the first single of the era, love the world.  This is actually one of the stand-out song of the album which is sad.  It’s pretty much a rehash of all their GAME songs.  Still, it’s better than most of the songs on this album.

 Dream Fighter could possibly be my favorite song this album.  I do think they repeat the chorus too much though.  It seems like it lasts forever.  At least it’s catchy, but after listening to it for like seven months it get kinda meh.  Next please.

Ok, never mind.  This is my favorite song on the album.  edge (⊿ mix)  is my favorite song on this album so far.  I really like the changes Nakatamade to this song since he made it even more hardcore and dark (which is a plus in my book).  Even though it is ridiculously long, it still is pretty much amazing and it still sounds fresh even after listening to the normal edge like forty times.

NIGHT FLIGHT is the only new song that somewhat stays true to their original sound even though it has an 80s vibe to it.  It is like a continuation of Take off, mainly since they count and are taking about airplanes/rockets (how should I know).  For some reason the music reminds me of Halloween, which is weird, but a good thing since I go around scaring people who are trick or treating with my friends (and no, not little kids).  This could be the best new song on the album.

This is definitely new and it actually sounds pretty good.  I really like how robot the girls are sounding in Kiss and Music.  I think i like the verses more than the chorus though, but that could change.  It’s sad that this song is so short.  I think it’s funny when they say “You Feel?”  and ABC.  Overall this is on of the better songs, but it’s not OMG! *gush gush gush* amazing.

Holy hell.  Am I listen to Perfume ~Complete Best~ now?  Oh wait, never mind, I’m just listening to the worst song Perfume has put out since then: Zero Gravity.  What is wrong with their voices?  I don’t know if it’s just the wrong vocoder or if they are purposely trying to make my ears bleed.  This  song is just garbage and definitely one of the worst songs I have ever heard.  It’s not even catchy, especially when you don’t even want to listen to their songs due to their horrible voices.  PASS!

Things get a little better with I Still Love U.  This song already sounds you so much better than Zero Gravity it’s not even funny.  The chorus is my favorite part.  The part where it gets all skip-tastic seemed a little unnecessary, but oh well.  This song is still iPod worthy.

Things get even better when The best thing appears.  Again the chorus is my favorite part of this song (as it should be).  I can actually understand their english which is always a plus.  Ok, this is my favorite new song and maybe my favorite song on the album.

Now the last song just flowed into this song, and sadly this a another awful track.  Throw in Ami Suzuki’s TEN and climb up to the top and you got Speed of Sound, except I liked TEN and climb up to the top.  This song is so dumb and pointless.  The title sounded amazing, but it totally fails as a song just like Zero Gravity.  Maybe Nakata is running out of ideas, at least good ones.

This is the song that I would have loved, but hated instead.  I’m pissed off that ONE ROOM DISCO is so light and poppy after that amazing intro part.  This song also seems a little draggy after a two minutes and thirty seconds into the song.  This is the song that I wished would have been remixed, but no, we’re left witha total disappointment of a song.  They try to change things up things before the last chorus by changing the pitch in certain areas, but not even that can save this song.

So, obviously the point of this album was to put people asleep and Negai (album mix) totally is the best song to listen to before someone does.  This song is so boring and meh.  This is a bad attempt at a techno ballad.  I would rather listen to one of Aira Mitsuki’s ballads then this.  This song just screams “skip me” and that’s exactly what I’ll do.  I might like it after a while, but it is very unlikely.

The Songs That Didn’t Make it

  1. 23:30

That would be the piece of worthlessness that is 23:30.  It’s  lounge-like vibe is a horrible genre for Perfume and it never should have been attempted.  Slowness = FAIL.  I don’t even feel like talking about this dumb song and I’m glad Nakata wasn’t lazy enough to put it on the album.

* * * * *

Finally that train wreck is over.  Well, it wasn’t a total mess.  I guess just those two songs I really disliked (Zero Gravity and Speed of Sound) brought down my view of this album… a lot.  So it wasn’t a piece of sh!t, but is definitely not a album of the year or anything.  This album was just ok after listening to it a few times and it will definitely take a while for fans of the “old” Perfume to like this album.  I know it did for me.  Another point i would like to bring up is why there are so many b-sides?  I’m glad edge made it but Negai?  I don’t even care if they got remixed.

3 lip-syncing skanks out of 5

  1. The best thing
  2. Dream Fighter
  3. edge (⊿ mix)


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  1. Hey, got your comment, i like your reviews

  2. As much as I loved this album at first, I’ve got to say, I now almost completely agree with you. All I have to disagree with is One Room Disco ( It’s so cute! D: ) and Speed of Sound ( I agree that it’s bad, but PLEASE. It’s a total rip-off of MEG’s MAKE LOVE. 😛 ) Great review though!

    Also, I’m adding you to my blogroll~

  3. I just think ONE ROOM DISCO is a little long for me to like, but it’s ok. Thanks for the add, too!

  4. Wow, no love for Zero Gravity 😦
    Kiss and Music + Zero Gravity + NIGHT FLIGHT are my favorites on the album!!

    I actually didn’t like Negai when it was first released but I thought the new version actually made it better 🙂

    LOL, I’m listening to Zero Gravity as I write this comment

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